Light Increases Understanding


Greetings, this is The Archangels and the Angel realm. This is a wonderful time for you dear ones. The Earth is changing rapidly. This Ascension, that has been happening since 2013 and before- has become its peak and will continue throughout this year and the next.  The Lions gate is a wave of gamma rays that will be hitting your planet and all are welcome to enjoy this celestial time . Additionally, the light that will be hitting planet earth will have light codes, increasing health, wealth, prosperity and positive vibrations. This is nothing to be worried of, as this will bring positive change. Sleep well  dear ones this evening, as you read this, light is beginning to hit the planet with love from the angels.

This light is within the universe, and is where the  center of the galactic core aligns with your solar sun, thus creating a wave of gamma rays. Be open to changes, for changes will occur within and around you. Your whole presence is changing every day. You are using more of your spiritual gifts for careers and more (spiritual) abilities in your careers also. This shift will continue as light attracts more light , love attracts more love, and peace attracts more peace. Lift up your heart to the one who is the Most High. He Loves you and wants the best for you. Keep ‘understanding’ as your main value. Focus on wisdom, peaceful integrity, and all will fall into place. This is a time of celebration, if you will, for many have signed up to be here during this time and you are one of the souls who were chosen for this task. Lift up your uncertainty , lift up your worry, lift up anything that is troubling you dear ones, for this is a time to let them go. Follow your values as if they were dear to you, they must be followed at this time and you will be an instrument for those around you indeed.  You need not be worried any longer- for you are blessed, you are enlightened, you are holy and the Heavenly Father Loves you now and forever. Listen, trust and act when you hear your angels. For they know you better than you know yourself and want the best for you dear one. Listen to the words of high vibration and your mind, heart will open even more to higher understanding and wisdom. Listen, trust and act.

The Angels and Archangels with ORION and the Star Guides

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