God Does Understand

angel pic

Keep a dialogue of prayers answered, of lessons learned, of opportunities. These will go as a witness for you. God is always listening – especially when you pray with a sincere heart and in faith. God favors those who lift up their hearts in honesty, sincerity, love, patience and faith filled. God wants to increase happiness- God wants to help. God is the one who created you and your family through love. He knows you better than you know yourself. Trust Him in all ways. Trust that He is on the Throne , and that He has the Highest Best interest for you in His hands, which are abundant. He knows why you are praying . He listens to you more often than you realize. He knows how much you love your family , your loved ones, your community; for He has placed you here for a reason. A God reason. Know that you are in the best hands possible at all times. Know this for yourself and for the people you love dearly.

Know that even when situations appear dire, they are not! They are shifting in frequency. They are shifting, as you have asked, as the prayers are answered. This does not mean that God has answered your prayer in dire straits , on the contrary! He is lifting you in love, holding you in angels wings as He helps you and your family better your circumstances through prayer, through  His help. Knowing that you have requested His assistance, give thanks to Him in all ways. Give thanks to Him for He knows what your heart desires  and knows what you have been asking for. He is helping you now and always, even future generations, to come. Know in faith it is God only you serve and who loves you. The Most High loves you unconditionally now and always. Shift your awareness to Him always. Shift your heart to being open to His Mighty Love, His abundant Ways and His omnipresence that is with you always. Through the Holy Spirit, through His grace, and through that of His son, you are with Him always.

The Angels Team – who loves you

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