Be Bold in Love

St. Gabriel 2

Greetings – this is St. Gabriel the Messenger Archangel ,I am here to deliver a message of peaceful tidings. Know this ! You are a Divine Light of God Himself. He created you with His Love ,  never ending love , and fashioned you with his Understanding and Wisdom and Divine Holy Mind. Be strong and bold in love. Be ye powerful in love and in gentleness. Focus on God’s Ways, this is abundant to be clear, but know that this is what He likes. To be one with Him; not equal, for that would be impossible for a human incarnated, but one with Him as in one in Truth, one in Faith, one in Love. Be bold as your Heavenly Father is bold- Bold in Love and Bold in Light. Let your light shine , for this is the time when you will see the light increase , in yourself and in others. Bring out the already inherent light in others by loving each and everyone , no matter what. Be ye understanding of everyone, use compassion, use wisdom, use gentleness, for all were given these spiritual gifts of the Lord. Know that God’s Hands are abundant indeed, are Loving and Merciful, and are Mighty. For He has created the universe, the Heavens and your lifetime, here on Earth. Be honest in all your ways, be sincere in all your prayers. Be ye grateful for all you have. Let your heart be warm and loving, be faithful and know that God loves you always.  

St. Gabriel the Archangel and the Angel Team. 

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