Instruction for Listening to Heavenly Guidance with Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel

Greetings, this is Archangel Chamuel. I am here with St. Gabriel and  a Heavenly Host of angels. We are here to help you with you answers to prayers. All answers are Heaven sent from God Almighty, in the form of a message from the angels. We angels know how to deliver messages so that you can hear them. TRUST is the first message that will come through when listening to your angels . FAITH is the second thing we angels will remind you when listening to the Divine Messages we deliver. ACT, on any guidance you receive. KNOW that your prayers have been answered the second they were heard. THANK God for everything He has done for you for He is kind even to the unfaithful, as all should be kind to one another. We do not see people as unkind as humans do, rather we use compassion an understanding for moodiness, for mood swings, for melancholy, for anger. These are human emotions and affiliated with human nature. Do not doubt your abilities in listening to the Divine message you are hearing, even in the physical realm, we are able to deliver messages to you you would understand in inner knowing. Ask us to help you listen to our messages coming through. If you are unsure of something, ask for guidance, ask us always. We will help you in listening at all times. We are happy to increase peace within you and around your surroundings. Ask us always in every moment, know that you have the ability to see, hear and know the Divine, angelic and celestial messages that will help you hear God’s Voice and God’s Will for you and your family. Everyone has the Gift of Free Will, and we will honor this if chosen, but you can use this gift to align with God’s Will for you in your life.  Listen with an angel ear to the messages we are sending you. For your ears are Holy, as are you. Listen, Trust, have Faith, Act and Thank God for all He has done. Then you will see peace increase more rapidly than you ever have before. God is willing to help you in any circumstance , in any instance, at any time in your life, now and always. 

We angels love you and always will -for you are blessed. 

Trust us now, invite the Archangels to surround you, and fill your home, invite the angel realm to surround you and fill your home or office where you are reading this message. Trust us to know how to clear your celestial light body to help hear the messages coming through. Trust in knowing that we are here with you , 24/7 if asked. We are happy to fill your home bringing a Heavenly presence and feeling into your home is sometimes necessary to clear the energy to help you uplift. This is what is called a “cleansing” or a “purification” of energy. This is not to be alarmed, for none is without the Holy Spirit, but in some cases, there is a heaviness in the home. St. Michael will then shield in the high vibrations (brought in by the angels), helping you to feel uplifted when you return home. This “cleansing” will also continue within your light body, and within your heart if needed. Helping you clear of any negativity or melancholy or heaviness within your heart. If your heart is glad, then you will notice the joy increase. We are happy to uplift you , now and always. All you need to do is ask. 

We “Angeles” do not use judgement when guiding you, we use compassion for all people, for all are children of God. We angels will always help you when asked. We do not use partiality toward religion or beliefs. Nor does the Heavenly father, but He does know who loves His Son and those that are favored within His Kingdom for He has favored you and your family. 

Archangel Chamuel with the “Angeles” and Angel Team

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