Look In Your Heart

angel holding light center

You are blessed. In your heart , you know you are blessed- for you are one with Jesus, one with God. There is no separation, not now or ever. You were never left alone here , even if it feels that way. You were always with God, He never left you. He never will. Open your heart to God, by asking your heart to open to His Love. Ask The Heavenly Father to please send His Love to your heart. This love is available to you always.  It is given without hesitation when you ask. Cleanse your entire heart by opening it to God’s Love, His love endures forever. His Love is refuge, His Love is Powerful, Mighty and you were created with this Love from God. Open your heart now beloved, open your holy heart by asking your heart to open. Drop your awareness into your heart and here, ask the Heavenly Father to please uplift your heart with His Love- to enter your mind, your body, your cells, your whole being and overflow into every cell, every organ, every tissue, every chakra, and the light within you.

“Overflow in me with your love dear Heavenly Father, now and always. Be here with me in my heart Dear Heavenly Father, for I love you. Thank you for loving me. In your Heavenly Wisdom, help me open my heart to Higher Understanding, help me to have a deeper understanding of your Will, a deeper knowledge, a Heavenly way. Thank you for your Love and Wisdom in my life, in that of my family, and in everyone I meet.”  Ask For Jesus to help you listen to God’s Voice -to Hear the messages they are sending.  Know that God and Jesus love you, now, always, and in every moment. 

The Angel Team

May God Bless !

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