A Loving Message from St. Michael About Your Life Purpose


Today St. Michael has a loving message for us – the angels want us to know we are blessed and to lift up all concerns to God in all matters.

“Greetings, I am St. Michael. I am offering you protection from the Angels now and always. I am always available to assist you in all matters. Especially when you need a helping hand in courage, protection and in life purpose. I am happy to help you shift your awareness from negative beliefs to uplifting harmony and shield you from distractions not serving you. I am always here for you when you need me. In fact, I am here with you now, as you read this. I am a servant of God himself, protector of all and grateful you have asked me to deliver this message to you. We Angels and Archangels will help you in all matters always. Call on us often, as you think of us, we are there for you , and your loved ones. We will increase peace for you, even if its something small, or large, there is no limit to what we can handle for you.”

St. Michael would like to assist with life purpose:

“If you feel like your situation is not where you are supposed to be. If you feel there is more out there, look inside your heart. Look no further than inside your loving heart. There in your heart, ask for St. Michael to be with you. Ask for God to help you understand the action steps you need to take. Ask God to guide you in your heart, now and always. Ask God to help you clear away any unwanted stress or fatigue from your current situation and listen for positive action steps that uplift you, bring peace to you and are heartfelt. This is Divine Guidance for you. Follow the action steps without delay, as this will lead you to your life purpose, where you will feel needed, loved, and will serve with your spiritual gifts God has given you.”

Listen now as St. Michael is here to help you lift any unwanted stress or fatigue from your body and mind. Drop into your heart, and here ask St.Michael to help uplift your heart. 

“Be willing to release any fears about moving forward in your life’s purpose, what it will take, the money involved, the time, the effort, all of this are from the ego dear one. Lift now into love, be willing to uplift your thoughts , your heart is in charge you know ! Your thoughts are mere mirrors and reflections of your circumstance for now. Cleanse from any negative or unwanted energies by allowing St. Michael to spiritually lift you, your heart and your mind. Your light body will be cleansed as well and all of it will be replaced with the Pure loving Light of God. Feel this now as St. Michael helps you while you read this, or you can sit in a comfortable relaxing position when you are done and ask St. Michael to be with you. Shift your awareness to Heaven, to God, to Jesus, to the angels who love you. Shift now and know that the Holy Heavenly Father loves you  and wants for you to serve your life purpose , for that is what you came here for. Part of this is loving yourself and others , yes,  but wouldn’t you be happier if you felt you were serving God and using your gifts also? Shift now into love, focus your heart into serving God and Jesus and we angels will help you lift your heart now and always, every time you ask. You can ask as many times as needed, feel this now as we lift you- higher into love. We angels know you have been asking the questions, “How can I serve? “Am I in my life purpose now? “Am I here for a reason?” then answers are all within you, within your heart, and sent there by God who loves you now and always ! Ask as many times as necessary, daily ,often,  weekly, monthly, until you feel refreshed. Know that you prayers have been answered now and always, and thank  God for all He has done in your life and the lives of others around you. He has helped you even when you weren’t aware of it. You should feel cleansed, uplifted and know you are being guided to your Holy Life Purpose. Even if the guidance seems trivial, little or small, small steps forward are large steps indeed! Don’t worry about how you are going to achieve this all on your own- the Truth is you are serving now and you are with Heavenly help, in this incarnation, now and always. We lift you, and celebrate that you are asking this day about your life purpose. Be willing to life any concerns to God about the “how ” and follow your guidance when you feel you have received it. You will know from the peace in your heart, the uplifting feeling of the presence of the Holy Spirit, the visions, the knowingness, the ideas that bring you peace. Follow without hesitation dear one and ask the angels to guide your every step. We angels will help you through this and any life circumstance. even if it sees trivial, do not hesitate to ask, do not hesitate to love, do not hesitate to pray. Do not hesitate in this age. Feel us with you now and we will be with you when you pray, when you love, when you feel upset, when you feel you need a helping hand and know the angels will always help. You need only be willing for you are blessed dear child of God, Now and always.”

St. Michael the Archangel and the Angel Team who love you

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