A Message of Peace about this Global Shift- with the Angels


The angels are saying that this will be a powerful 2016 coming up. There is a lot of cleansing that is happening now; many are going through “cleansings” which will leave you feeling peacefully uplifted. This is nothing to fear, for all are going through the same thing, but this is being noted as you are releasing old unwanted negativity -which is an illusion, created by the ego- for a higher way of understanding. All are protected and loved. This will create a healthy balance, as you have asked spiritually. Continue with love as always, as love will help you shift. Positive thought will help most shift into a higher outcome. Know that you are loved now and always . Shift with love, lift with love, be with love, for you are love, created with love and love is what will remain. Be bold in asking for what it is you wish for beloved ones. Ask yourself , if this is “from love or is this from fear?” before you act. Act without hesitation when you receive guidance and know that God answers all prayers without hesitation and with love and compassion always.

Ask now for the angels to help you shift any thoughts or emotions that are no longer serving you. Be willing to let them go and release them to the angels. You can envision this releasing to the angels however you wish. In its place you will receive lots of angel healing energy. Where there once was happiness, joy will increase; where there is unhappiness, healing energy will increase. You are seen with compassion dear ones and so it shall be. Now and always we are with you . Help is just a thought away if you but only ask. We can hear your thoughts and know your heart, and your heart is blessed . Love with all of your heart in all situations. Love like there is only love. We love you unconditionally now and always, and you are never alone. St. Michael will then shield in these high vibrations with his golden and brilliant diamond  light from the pure loving light of God Himself. Ask God to help you in all areas of your life, even if it seems small. A small gesture of love can have great impact for all. Even for future generations. Release now, all negativity to St. Michael, who is here with you and so are we, the Angeles. The Heavenly Host and Archangels and angels, and even guardian angels who love you. We are all here and are helping you now, shift through this loving and unique time in your life.  Feel our loving presence with you- as we uplift your heart. Clear your focus and help you discern. This is a time where love is needed, wanted and only love shall remain. Be willing to be open to love, to Divine Love , to the Love that Created you and your family. The Love of God is always available for all. You need only be willing to open your heart to receive it. For it is there beloved- and always will be. We angels say we love you. And so it is …Amen, Amen , Amen.

The Angel Team with St. Michael and the “Angeles”

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