Your Life Purpose and Soul’s Path with the Angel Team

St. Michael

Uplift your thoughts to God! Your life purpose can be lived through your career if you ask. St. Michael will help you shift your awareness to living with intention and purpose. Your life purpose is what you came here for. It is how you wanted to help when you got here. This was discussed at your planning table in Heaven before you arrived. Ask Archangel   St. Michael to help you achieve your career firmly rooted in your life purpose. He will guide you with action steps toward a fulfilling career. This can include several options that include : helping the community through service, healing the people, animals or plants or even the Earth, the healing arts, learning different art expressions; such as music for healing or uplifting, painting: uplifting painting or Holy Art, painting for healing others, musicians, teaching school- adults and children, Bible Studies/theology, working with animals and plants/nature, starting your own business or healing practice that serves others using your spiritual gifts and abilities. These are all options as you will feel attracted to the one you most wish to do. Spiritual Gifts and Abilities are the key in your life purpose, You should feel fulfilled and uplifted when you are working in a career firmly rooted in your life purpose. Your life purpose is specially assigned to you by God Himself. He uses the Gifts and Abilities and Talents and Interests He placed in your heart. This will help in knowing where your special interests lie. St. Michael will guide you if you but only ask him. He is happy to help in this matter and holds the key to the “Book of Life” or Akashic Records , where this information is stored. He will help you and your loved ones find your “place” in the Divine Plan of God. You are here with a special mission dear beloved light-worker! Dear Beloved child of God, your purpose could involve working with angels , or Archangels, and knowing this is exciting! Any work you see yourself doing, now and in the future , could help you in knowing where to head. If you like to protect people, your life purpose could be involved with Firemen and Fire Women, Police Officers, Security Officers, Military etc. If your life purpose involves the healing arts, you could enjoy a career as a doctor, nurse, psychologist, Angel Intuitive, A Channel, massage therapist, and the list goes on. If your life purpose involves healing animals and plants, perhaps you could seek healing as a Veterinarian, or Horticulturist or Herbalist, and so forth. Musicians can help heal the world through their voices and instruments. Archangel Sandalphon will help you in this case, working with your voice and instruments to heal and uplift others through your melodies and lyrics and voice. You are one of a multitude of people who signed up to be here at this time. Knowing this, ask St. Michael to help you find your life path, your life purpose, and know you are in good hands for doing so. Listen for any guidance you receive: ideas, thoughts , motivations, insight, dreams , visions or physical signs such as a white feather, angel clouds, a “tailor-made” conversation, radio lyrics, a song that keeps playing in your head and so forth. Pray for guidance, as St. Michael instructs, then ask Archangel Michael to help you understand what that guidance is- knowing you are being heard and your prayers answered, give thanks to the Most High. God helps those who seek Him earnestly with faith and a sincere heart and rewards those who seek Him. And so it is, with love, amen, amen , amen.

The Angel Team with St.  Michael

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