Being Honest, Assertive and Sincere in Your Communication


Being Honest, Assertive and Sincere in Your Communication

Love is always the answer, in communication especially as this is where most feelings are sensitive. The vibration of one’s heart is expressed in their voice, some loving, some peaceful and when there is anger or sadness, the voice will give notice of this in one’s demeanor. Listen with an open heart. Listen to  the vibration of one’s voice as some vibrations in other’s voices are healing also, and uplifting.  Be willing to forgive the other. Just a little willing can help in miraculous ways. Be willing to overlook any seeming faults, for all are judgements of the ego. Be willing to see with compassion and speak with love always. Even if you do not love the other person, on a spiritual level, you know this person intimately. It is the soul that is eternal and many are soul mates to you. Be willing to speak with Word. The Bible has powerful insight, so powerful in fact , that speaking the Words of Jesus or God , in the Bible are heard throughout universes and galaxies, and are Divine Law. God’s Words will never pass until they have done what God intended for them to do. They are powerfully written , and when spoken out loud, increase Wisdom, intellect, Knowledge, Peace, Love and gentleness. They help discern right from wrong and help you to understand that God is unconditionally loving you right now. Speak only when you feel peace could increase with your words. Speak your truth peacefully with each other. If angry, wait to speak. Harsh words never helped anyone, in fact, they pushed some people away from you. Peaceful words help heal, help uplift , help guide. Love is always the answer , peace is always the answer and will bring fruit of the Spirit – which is a blessing and will also increase spiritual gifts. Your angels love you and want you to know you  are blessed, loved , cared for , protected now and always.

If you have gifts in Public Speaking, if you sing, if you speak with love, peace and wisdom, these are all gifts of the Holy Spirit. Your voice travels through many dimensions. All words carry vibration and aligning with the highest truth is always aligning with love. Always. All have the Holy Spirit , which will always be with you. You can ask God to send the Holy Spirit to renew your heart, strengthen in love, increase inner peace, inner wisdom, for in your heart is an inner sanctuary, hosting the Holy Spirit, whom God has sent. Let your words reflect this knowledge. Allow the Holy Spirit to be your guide dear earth angel. Trust in God’s hands , in His Mercy, in His Goodness, in His Love- that is Holy, Divine and that of which no human can possibly understand. Trust in Him and speak lovingly as much as possible. Think lovingly as much as possible and your words will follow with love. Ask the angels to help you lift any negativity, any bitterness, for that is of the ego, and not part of your spirit at all. Trust in the angels help you lift away guilt, anger at another, sadness , betrayal and so forth, for all are willing to help you do this. Especially if you have been carrying this type of thing for long periods of time. Be willing to forgive yourself even, for any harsh words spoken, for God loves you and wants you to know He is there for you. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you discern if needed. Speak your truth with love, speak God’s truth , Spiritual Truth, with love and you will help plant seeds that will help others awaken- which is needed right now. You are always one with the Highest, now and always. And so it is, Amen, Amen, Amen.

The Angels and Angel Team

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