Gentleness is Important- with an Uplifting Angel Meditation with the ‘Angeles’


Greetings! Gentleness is very important right now, to be gentle is an awareness that peace is important. Even when you feel angry at another  beloved, wait until you feel calm to respond. This is important now and always . This is a time when people can have what they desire. You are what you attract . Joy is necessary and is not a luxury. Joy is an inherent gift and fruit to you from God above. Gentleness  increases happiness. Gentleness increases peaceful outcome. Gentleness increases happiness because gentleness is found with mercy, with love, with peace and isn’t that what you want to create for yourself dear beloved child of the Most High? Gentleness is something that is inherent in all of God’s children.

Gentleness is what God favors and is how you are seen , with compassion, unconditional love, mercy and gentleness. The angels support your lifestyle habits of gentleness , gentler forms of exercise, gentle forms of behavior. The old adage of push, push, push , is outdated and is a harsh reality. Even though this is a time of action, and action is needed,  the universe and Heaven sees this as a form of harshness – to be harsh or unloving to get what you want. Harshness is seen as a form of punishment and punishment only increases pain and suffering. Harsh conditions is not what God intended for you dear loved one. Please do not create this for yourself. Choose love always, choose gentleness , choose gentle people as friends and be a role model for others. You are a loving child of God and you need to hear this – some of you need to know that gentler forms of behavior is needed to release harsh criticism, even self criticism is a harsh punishment. Choose gentle words of love, behavior, and even gentler forms of exercise for some. Your body will last longer as you were created from love and your body and others , respond better from love -gentleness and joy will ensue . Love yourselves as you love others, and this includes all forms of gentleness -even those that are unseen; your environment, your work conditions , your home, should be a place of peace- not harsh realities. Lift up any concerns to God, asking for guidance to the angels to help you lift from harsh situation in the case of relationships around you , or that you are involved in. Know that God loves and will help you and lift any concerns to him at this time. may this message be heard for those who need.

Uplifting meditation with the”Angeles”

The angels will help you uplift now, simply sit back and relax, really relax, and breathe. Ask St. Michael, who will be with you in an instant, to lift anything that is not serving your highest and best good, cut cords from the past that are from harsh situations, childhood, teenage years or any piece of this lifetime or others. Love is always the answer and peace will remain if you focus on this now. Focus on St,, Michael, who will is with you now in this place you are at, focus on breathing and giving him any worries, concerns, fears, drama situations, ask him now to cut the cords from this or any lifetime, he knows what to do! He can be with many of you at one time for he is not limited by time and space. Focus on the light within your heart and breathe as St. Michael cuts the cords and severs them at the roots and as you are breathing, these cords will be removed with St. Raphael and the Archangels and Angels from the angel realm who work in tandem with these two Archangels. Know that these cords are cut and are severed and will never grow back again. unless you place yourself in harsh situations again. With one swoop, St. Michael’s sword of light has cut these and you can envision this clearing. Stay focused on peace , and peace will resolve. Stay focused on gentleness and be bold in the light with love and peace. St. Michael will help you uplift now to your natural state of Joy, love and peace. Uplift and be happy dear one, thank St. Michael when you feel complete, thank the Angels who came to support you here, give thanks to God and uplift into joy.

St. Michael and the “Angeles” with the Angel Team

Namaste, Angel Blessings and May God Bless your day !

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