In Honor of the Feast Day of the Guardian Angels (which was Oct 2!) Here is a loving message from the Guardian Angel Realm

Guardian angels

Greetings! this is the Guardian angel realm . We are here to celebrate this feast day with you, in joy , and in joyous celebration! We know how much humans love the word celebrate, and for this we celebrate you also. For you are like Earth angels , same as we, although your mission is on Earth as is ours, you are here in a physical body. It is important that you understand this. It is like you have an angel team and you are part of it! You are loved beloved and you angel voice and can help soothe people like St. Raphael’s soothing emerald green light that heals. Your voice can be measured by instruments on Earth, so can it be heard in the Heavens ! Lift up your voice this day for a blessing from God Almighty.

“Dear God, please bless my voice, as I use it to soothe others when in pain , when lonely, when hurt. Thank you for guiding my words with the Holy Spirit now and always – we give thanks for this as we ask for this blessing” In Jesus Name

It is through this physical incarnation that your spirit can help others. This can be done with your voice, your hands that heal , your words. Every time the Word is spoken, your voice is blessed and the Word is what heals others. This is needed here  on Earth now beloved. Lift up your voice to praise the Lord! Lift up your hearts to open to His love. Then you will see that there is a wellspring available to you always. This is healthy for you also. It is like being lifted into Heaven before you start your day. And you will bring Heaven on Earth in the physical sense. You are blessed , for we are great in number, and we surround you now, uplifting your heart and mind to the goodness of love. Love is what heals , in every instance. This has been foretold to you before, but it is important to understand that you have a special part in this loving existence and in God’s plan for you and for all. We lift you now , and love you every step of the way . You are blessed , you are one with the highest , and we celebrate your willingness to help use your physical body on Earth.

Holy is thou art we angels say to God , and so shall it be, on this day , may your angel voices be blessed. May the praises of God be in your mouth and on the ears of  others and May His Word be spoken. And so it is, Amen, Amen, Amen

The Guardian Angels with the Angel Team and St. Michael the Archangel

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