Surrender Your thoughts to Joy Love and Peace –

St. Gabriel 2

Peaceful Blessings dear one to you and your families. We are here a multitude of Heavenly Host – to ask you to surrender you thoughts to the Most High Heavenly Father, God IAM . He will guide your thoughts most lovingly as asked, with the highest intention possible for you and your loved ones. This is a way to connect with God daily – to ask him to lovingly guide your thoughts with Love Joy and Peace. As guided, you will be loved, filled with joy, and loving in nature. This is a special loving way to ask God to help you in every day situations and in every way possible. Your love is what discerns with the Holy Spirit daily. Love is what guides you and should be the answer to all questions you ask. Love is always the answer dear beloved child of God . Love is always the key to every endeavor you pray for, love is what created you and this earth, Ask for the Highest Blessings possible – ask God for His strength in all ways. asking God to empower your thoughts with love, strength and compassion. This is done with Wisdom and blessings from God. God knows what you are up against – if anything. Try not to turn a cold shoulder in any way, but in all ways ask God to guide you with His Love, and His Power. God will shoulder you in His Love -His embrace. Do this daily as you are guided to act, please do so with love. If the situation calls for you to seek spiritual counsel, please do so. For it is written “Ask and you shall receive” – from the Most High for a reason. A reason given by the Most High through Jesus Christ his Holy Son. Ask for blessings, ask for miracles, expect the Highest blessing and seek Angel Guidance when confused. Your thoughts are holy- blessed and are guided by God when you ask. St. Michael guards your thoughts when asked- helping to align with your highest nature of joy love and peace. Hope in God, have faith in God , and Love in God always. Love God first, pray for all things, giving thanks to God in all ways. Trust in Him for everything. Trust in His power and Hid goodness. He will direct your thoughts , your love, your heart. Ask your heart to be open to His goodness. Ask for increase of faith if needed- there is no shame in doing so. Ask for God to guide you now beloved. Ask in faith and in faith, you will receive the highest Blessing- that from which only God can give to you. And so it is, Amen amen amen.

St. Gabriel with the Angel Team – guided by the Heavenly Host

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