Guardian angel

Family is God Given. The guardian angels are with you right now. They are your sisters and brothers spiritually. So are the Archangels. They will always be there for you. That is family. They will never leave you, even if there is something you have done that you feel somehow you do not deserve the angels love. I assure you there isn’t. God Himself loves you in this way. Unconditionally. There is nothing you can do to sever the love God has for you or for his angels or for the stars or the Earth or any one of God’s creations. In His goodness, He has sent the angels to be with you. To help you with love and guidance only if you ask. He has the authority to command all things as He has created all things that are good. Family is Heaven sent. Family is a multitude of people living and passed, who have incarnated into this life to help you during this time in your life. Family consists of those you call family, but is also your biological family tree. Family is one with each other. As a unit, the love is great. Whether siblings or nieces and nephews, sons and daughters, parents, aunts and uncles, when you come together as family, the light that comes from each person when united as one is brilliant. This is also God given. It is the love that when connected brilliantly, shines brightly for all to see and this glorifies the Heavenly Father in Heaven.

This Thanksgiving and Christmas and Family Holiday Time- whether Kwanzaa  or Jewish Hanukkah or Bar Mitzvah know that the peace of God is within everyone of your family. This Gift of God His Spirit and His Love within your hearts. Let this love uplift this year. Let your love shine brightly for your family. Your siblings and your aunts and uncles, even those you want to ask over but cannot or feel you cannot due to whatever reason- shine brightly even when you do not feel you can. Let them know how much you think of them- how often you love them, how much you are grateful to be their family. You will in turn receive their love too. They know how much you mean to each other. Lift up any concern ( if any) to God above if there is strife- if there is something you are having trouble with. God can help even these situations turn around. Gifts are meant to be given and your family is meant to be loved. Give openly your love first before you give a present this year. Give without thinking about how much you will receive back. Don’t worry if the other person doesn’t think you will love them. Try not to shun. Instead, walk over and say”May God bless you this year abundantly.” Lift your heart up to God first, ask for His help if needed, and shine brightly – especially if you have adult children – or elderly parents, or any family member you haven’t spoken to in quite some time. Make THIS year the year you do. Make THIS year the year you say ” I missed you and the way we used to talk openly . Let’s talk again soon” – Why not ? What would keep you from doing so? Lift up any pride, or strife before the holidays. Give your love this year now and for many years to come. The angels will help you and so will the Heavenly Father – you just need to be willing. “Do this in memory of me” is something that Jesus spoke while eating with his family. Spiritual family and biological. Lift up your family today by blessing them constantly. Lift up your love if there is much or a little. Even a little love is powerful you  see and is worth lifting. Focus on peace and peaceful resolve if needed. Focus on the light in their hearts and focus on your own. There is plenty to go around and there is no shortage on love. Ask now for God to work inside your heart. Your own heart. Ask God to strengthen any place in your heart that needs strengthening, to help you feel peaceful. Ask God today to overflow in you and your family. Be grateful for them- and know you are loved unconditionally and so are they. You are blessed, and so it is, amen amen amen.

The Angel Team

The Angel Team

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