An Angel Clearing and Healing Exercise with St. Michael and the Angels

St. Michael

 Surrender Every day to God any concern. Surrender your fears, your desires, hopes and dreams. Pray about everything first. Lift up all you have , and give thanks for the many blessings that are God-Given. The angels want to help you at this time with lifting your energy body to the natural healthy joy filled state you really are.

Sit back and relax in a comfortable position, and take a nice deep relaxing breath. Call on St. Michael now, to be by you- ask him to sit with you and help you feel his presence. Ask him to lift your energy field to the highest possible vibration you have naturally. Then ask him to cleanse from you any negativity or fear based anything you may have absorbed from helping others. Lift up your intention to Heaven, to the angels and breathe slowly. Ask St. Michael for help in releasing any fears, any emotion you are no longer needing-that is not serving you in your heart if any. Ask St. Michael to then shield in this cleansing with his brilliant diamond white light. He can then place his loving shield around your auric field to eliminate absorbing negativity form your home or office or workplace if there is any. Ask the angels to surround you if there is negativity in your home or workplace or wherever there may be this type of behavior. Ask the angels to surround you and lift your heart, opening your heart to the Most High- clearing your heart and uplifting your energy. Envision your heart open and overflowing with love This will help the exercise. Then ask for God to place his love overflowing in your heart. Do this daily – asking God to help overflow in your heart is something God loves and does not mind to do. He prefers you to ask him but His love is omnipresent and always available to everyone who asks. God’s love is to be shared with everyone. We lift you and your family now and surround your home and office or wherever you spend time. Cleansing the house , uplifting the vibration of your home and loved ones also. This is being done within Free Will of others as they are asked by St. Michael on a soul level. Cleansing is natural, it is like a detox for the body in a spiritual way. A detox for the mind, the heart and every cell – including your auric field. Ask anytime and the angels will help you. They know what to do. And so it is, Amen,  Amen, amen.~

The Angel Team

 Angel Team

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