Peace Will Help Shift Any Situation

Archangel Chamuel

Do not let your heart be troubled. In any situation in which you feel troubled, please know that all are welcome and loved by Heaven. Peace is what is natural to humans. Everyone intends peace throughout their day. Know that every prayer is answered without hesitation and your faith is what heals. Your natural healing abilities help to shift every situation into a healthy circumstance. If you feel frightened over someone’s behavior – or worried as to how they will react- trust your instincts and turn away from the situation. No one is being asked to stand still when there is anger or violence. However when there is a situation that needs healing- you have the power to lift this up in prayer first, releasing it to God and knowing that Heaven is helping you shift this into a positive outcome. Heaven is understanding when it comes to anger of course. Understanding when it comes to human nature- for all have been angry at some time or another. This is not what we mean. But when two people or a family have been upset at each other for a length of time, know that you can assist this person or people (even co-workers) with prayer- asking for blessings for each person involved. Surround each person with love- you can envision what this may look like and just imagine them and yourself surrounded with angels, and Archangels, or with angel light, or with love – the brightest love possible. Know this has been seen in Heaven the second you intend it. The angels will know what you are thinking. They will help you also- all you have to do is ask and the angels and Archangels will happily intervene in any circumstance  you ask about or intend for healing. You can also ask Jesus, who understand all things as he has also once been human, yet was always Divine. He will always help when asked. He himself has said, “Do not let your heart be troubled” and this was spoken through Divine Insight and stands for all time. In this age and always. Lift up your family or friends always. They may need a prayer and you could be the one God uses for prayer. Shift your awareness to Heaven , to God, to Jesus Christ- ask for a blessings and a healing over (_________) (name a person or a situation or both) – release it to God , knowing that this is being healed and see it as already healed. Peace is always the outcome when God helps. Love is always the answer in every situation and know that Peace will always follow. In  Jesus’ Name. And so it is beloved- amen, amen amen.

The Angel Team with Archangels Chamuel and St. Gabriel

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