Angels Are Always With You


Saints and Angels are with you always. The angels are with you 24/7. Shift your awareness to the angel realm. Just breathe and focus on what it would feel like to be with the angel realm. What it would be like to be sitting with them. To be chatting with them. 

This is all it takes to have a conversation with the angel realm-simply think “angels”, or text a message on your phone (to them), or speak out loud, “Hello angels- are you there?” The answer is yes! The angels are always with you- and always will be !

Just sit back and relax, ask the angels to be with you. – ask them questions; ask them for guidance; ask them to help you in every area of your life. This angel exercise will help:

Sit in a comfortable and relaxed position, close your eyes and think to the angel realm, ” Please lift me in my thoughts, my aura and vibration. Please uplift my heart to love- to the holy and natural state of my spirit self- which is always peaceful and uplifting. Cleanse me of worry/ anxiety if needed, emotions that are no longer serving me. Please fill me with Heaven’s Light, the Pure Loving Light of God.” With the help of St. Michael and the angels ,this will be done! You can ask this for your family- St. Michael will cleanse your family too. He will ask them for permission first on a soul level. He will then cleanse your family, friends, even homes and offices. Cleansing is normal for some who are sensitive to atmospheres, people, energy- for they may absorb negativity unknowingly. The angels will help you cleanse daily if needed. All you need to do is ask. Ask and you shall receive and this is a gift unto you.- for you are blessed. The angels realm will help clear negativity anytime you ask, uplift the energy anytime you ask, help you feel more peaceful- wherever you live, work, go to school, visit~ all can be uplifted; and you will be bringing Heavenly Light in the place you ask- including your heart and mind. For you are blessed and are chosen to receive.  This is for all who ask. And so it is beloved, amen, amen, amen.

The Angel Team

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