How to Increase Insight



This will include an Angel Exercise.

How do you know if you are hearing the angels correctly? The angel’s messages will feel loving, sound loving and are always uplifting. Joy is the purpose of every angel- of doing God’s Will- this brings happiness to all. God is holy , just and loving. His will is created for all to love, love more freely, to be peace filled, and to have love constantly flowing in our lives. He will send His Love without hesitation if you ask. Insight is understanding . It is His gift for all to understand. Nothing is hidden. Anyone can ask for Heavenly guidance and be guided with angels. This is not for a select few. For many have asked and many are receiving insight happily if followed. The guidance you receive from Heaven is filled with the highest best possible outcome for all involved. Even those who will be affected you are praying about. Insight is free to all. You need not feel as if you are not worthy of angel insight, or that you would not be helped if asked. this is just not so!

Allow yourself to sit in a comfortable and relaxed position.  Close your eyes (after reading this) and take a nice relaxing breath. Here, ask the angels to surround you, your home and your family all. Ask the angels to help you hear their messages of love, that will bring blessings to all involved in (_______) <—name you situation here.Ask for the highest possible outcome and ask for the angels to help you achieve this. Then notice any thoughts, visions, ideas, feelings, physical signs that come to you. The angels are unlimited in how they can help everyone, so you need only ask and the angels will help. They only ask that you ask them as they do not interfere with your own Gift of Free Will , which is God-given. Then, thank your angels for  any guidance you receive. If you practice, , you will begin to notice how different it feels when you ask the angels to surround you. When you ask for guidance. Allow yourself time with this and write down any messages you receive- whether it be lyrics to a song in your head, or a feeling , a color, a sound, an angel voice, angel vision, an idea that feels very loving. Thoughts are important too as the angels of intellect can work with those who like to receive thoughts or ideas . These ideas and thoughts can be impressed upon you and will feel loving. You may have an inner knowing- which is something impressed upon your heart instead of your thoughts. Inner knowing is common – even for those who do not believe they are hearing their angels messages. Inner knowing is how the Holy Spirit impresses messages. The angels can also use this if this is what you are accustomed to noticing- although the angels are unlimited and can help you hear their messages. Practice this daily. Ask the angels to surround you 24/7 if you like. Each angel has a specific purpose and will help you in miraculous ways. Heaven is always with you, is never separate and will always help you , this day and always. Thank your angels when you practice this, giving thanks is something that is welcomed although the angels do not wish to be praised or prayed to. You can simply ask like you would a friend, or family. We are your spiritual family in truth. Your family in Heaven. You have many I assure you. And so it is beloved, amen , amen amen.

The Angel Team

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