An Angel Message on Positive Thinking


Think thoughts of peace. Peaceful intentions and  affirmations. Think again when you notice the thoughts in your holy mind are less than peaceful – toward others, toward family, toward abundance. Lift your thoughts to the angels daily. Listen for guidance when you do. The angels will guide your thoughts easily. Don’t wait until your thoughts are peaceful to lift your thoughts to the angels. St. Gabriel will help you in every instant you ask. As will the entire angel realm. St. Gabriel will help you send messages clearly to others that will bring peaceful blessings to everyone. St. Gabriel is the messenger of God. His name means “messenger” and is here to help. St. Gabriel will also help with authors, spiritual authors, public speakers, those wishing to become spiritual authors and public speakers, those wishing to become a messenger for the angels. This is needed- in this age and in the next. More people will look to Heaven for Heavenly guidance and we are here to help you understand our angel messages. St. Gabriel will help you clearly understand the messages from the angel realm. This is noticed every time you think to the angels ” I want to hear you more clearly. Help me to understand your messages angels” St. Gabriel, in fact a multitude of angels will help you when this is thought, spoken or written. St. Michael is always available also to help you uplift your thoughts, help with cleansing your field to hear the angels, help with realizing which are angels messages. I assure you this is helpful to others and yourself and your family too. Think positive thoughts daily. Positivity is helpful because the abundance you focus on , peace, uplifting energy, expanded consciousness, wisdom, love, joy- will increase as you focus on them.  Peace is all there is in spirit. This makes it Truth. Spiritual Truth is absolute. Peace is what you were created with from God the Father. Peace is what reigns with Christ His Son. The Earth is no different because God has created a peaceful Earth. The Earth , in spiritual Truth, is peace-filled. Every person in Earth is trying to increase peace. Ask Jesus to help you think peacefully if you are unable to. Ask Jesus to be with you daily. Ask the Angels to be with you daily. To surround you home, your family, their homes, the Earth. Where ever needed to increase peace. Countries can be surrounded (and are) daily. Think about what the world would look like if it were uplifted in consciousness- if it were surrounded with angels- if it were filled with peace. You will help lift the vibration of the Earth just by focusing on peace, on peaceful thoughts as you will be increasing peace just by intending and by increasing peaceful actions on Earth.  Earth could use your assistance in prayer and also peaceful uplifting thoughts and actions.  More peace will increase by doing so. And you will be seen and this will Glorify the Heavenly Father. May all live peacefully and within the peace of Heaven, which is what you were created with. The Peace that reigns is with you always. God’s Peace  is the Peace within all of you, within your hearts and within your mind.  For you are holy, you are loved and you are needed. Cleanse any thoughts from your mind – ask The angels to help you do this. Cleanse from the effects of negative or fearful thinking from your mind and body (and others) – for through negative thoughts , many have sent unknowingly, negativity to others. St. Michael will help you remove the effects of any fear based thinking, now.

Sit back in a relaxed and comfortable position, breathe , and ask St. Michael to help you remove the effects from any fear based, mis- aligned thoughts or negative thinking patterns (this will help clear physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually- even in the universe if needed) . This will include worrying, excessive  worry, anxiety, anger, pessimism- even melancholy. There is no judgement, but the angels are wanting to help you clear of this energy to help you with clear focus- positive thinking. This can even be done for your family members , although the angels will not interfere with Free Will, many are asking for Divine Guidance and this will help your family. St. Michael will help ask on a soul level if they wish him to clear this negativity from themselves. Encourage your loved ones to think positively. To open their hearts. You can encourage them to ask the angels to help them or you can ask on their behalf.  May love increase this Holiday Season. And so it is beloved , we love you and your family. Amen, Amen, Amen.

St. Michael, St. Gabriel and the Angel Team~

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