Jesus inHeaven with the Holy Spirit

Family is God-given, each person in your family was chosen by God  and your family’s love is what shines brightly this day. The family unit is special because there is more than one loving soul, there are many souls in a family. All families should know how important it is to come together during the holidays. These are the people who have loved you since you were born, and you in turn have loved equally the same. The love that a family shares is beyond the Earth’s measuring systems, it is beyond the galaxies and is intricately woven together by God, orchestrated by God and Loved by God himself. Family us where love is taught. Love is the first thing that you learn here on Earth. It is what you were created from. It is what you are. It is what your body loves, does best with and how you will create your experiences, is through love if focused upon. You are not separate from love – for you are always with God who loves you and is your Heavenly Father. Family is Heaven-sent and are here for a purpose just as you are. You are given family to love, to share, to embrace- and they you, even if they have forgotten is it love they came from. Try to hold the focus of love this season as you celebrate together with family. Family love is stronger than most realize. It is through family – and this could be spiritual family – that we see you love more and more. Unbreakable , unconditional love for your sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, nieces, nephews, children, grandchildren etc. Family is important and that goes without saying of course, for it is important to read how important family is. Give the gift of love for your family before selecting gifts. Give the gift of understanding before choosing the right gift. Choose love always. In every instance choose love for you are loved unconditionally by the Holy Heavenly Father and Jesus His Son this season , and always. for you are blessed. and so it is beloved, amen, amen, amen.

The Angel Team~

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