Cleansing with the Angels


Cleansing is something that the angels are happy to assist with every day if needed. St. Michael is always happy to help everyone who asks of him. He is always available for everyone who asks him to assist them. Just simply think to yourself,

” St. Michael the Archangel, please be here with me daily. Please help me with clearing my energy , helping to remove negativity, sadness, melancholy, or any fear based thought of the ego that is not serving my highest and best good. Please help me to feel uplifted , cleansed, shielded and protected. Thank you St. Michael for this assistance, and for being with me and my family 24/7.”

St. Michael will then clear, uplift and shield, which feels healing to everyone. If you like, St. Michael will also help you with uplifting and clearing your loved ones and will help your family uplift also. Although St. Michael cannot interfere with other’s free will, he can ask them on a soul level if they would like to be cleared of negativity ( the answer is usually yes! ) and will clear them also. They may or may not know they have been cleared physically, but their spirit is well aware! St. Michael will also fill you with loving, pure angelic light – als0 known as brilliant diamond white light where the negativity once was. This is easy for St. Michael and you are not taking him away from more pressing things. He is always available 24/7 and loves for you to know he will help everyone who asks. St. Michael is non- denominational, although he is very close to Jesus in Truth, and has the golden Light of Christ that emanates from his own aura- he is willing to help all who ask of him- for all are God’s Children. All are loved by God and Jesus both. Jesus himself did not show partiality to any one denomination – however through his Word came salvation. St. Michael knows all are loved equally by God Himself and honors the Free Will of all.

You may even want St. Michael to help you sever cords of drama- which are fear based and do not serve anyone. These cords can be severed easily by asking St. Michael to- ” Please be with me and help me sever any cords that are fear based or are corded to drama between me and (________). Help us to cleanse the areas where they were once attached, leaving us feeling uplifted, cleansed and healed.”

These cords can leave you feeling drained of energy. They are not love- cords of love can never be severed. Love is all there is in truth. It is the ego that holds onto fear based situations that leave you feeling anxious, worried etc. By cleansing these cords, you are helping you and the other person involved. All are loved in Truth and these can be cleansed easily and effortlessly with the help of St. Michael.

All you need to do is ask- and also listen for any guidance you receive to leave an unhealthy situation or also unhealthy environment. You will be supported by the angels if you are in a situation that is not serving you by being there. In fact, by leaving, you will uplift yourself, and that in turn , will uplift others around you.

Cleanse if needed, as often as you wish- once cords are severed, they will not grow back- unless you continue to stay in a situation of drama or low integrity. You only need to ask once if you feel this applies to you. St. Michael will cleanse away any debris left behind with his Sword of Light. Leaving you and the other person feeling uplifted , cleansed and recharged- your natural state of joy, love and peace.  And so it is beloved, amen, amen, amen.

St. Michael with the Angel Realm

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