The Angels on the Gift of Flexibility



Flexibility is God-given. It is a gift from the Most High. Flexibility allows each person the opportunity for fun, laughter and good memories. It is positive thinking put into action. Not everyone will agree on everything. In fact most do not, however if you are willing to at least be flexible, most people will have the opportunity to laugh, be joyous and serve one another- even if it was not your first choice or interest. In Divine Timing, flexibility is necessary to allow your prayers to be answered according to God’s Will.  God’s Will in action is surprising. It is always the highest best possible outcome in every situation. God’s Will always has the highest best possible outcome because He includes all things, all people, and even lifetimes in His decisions. God decides without err, answers without hesitation and no one can truly understand the depths of God’s Holy Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding, but by being flexible, this will help in allowing the time it takes for some prayers to answered. Although all prayers are answered without hesitancy , some prayers will appear as answered days or weeks, months, years or even a lifetime later- this would be a lesson in patience if this was the case, but by being flexible we can allow God’s Plan to come into action without worrying ‘how’ the prayer will be answered. In fact, it is best to leave that up to God Himself. Leave the details to to God. Ask about everything in prayer- knowing that God has the highest and best outcome in mind. Ask in faith, know your prayer has been answered the instant it was heard, be flexible with the details and how the prayer will be answered, trust in knowing it was heard, and give God thanks for everything- for all good things come from God.  God is Love- and he answers with love. He sees with Love and Holy are His ways.

In Jesus Name-

The Angel Team ~

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