A Loving Message from The Angeles 


Greetings, The Angels wish to congratulate you this Christmas season for celebrating the Birth of Jesus. As in Heaven above, we the angeles celebrate this always. We celebrate this every moment, eternally praising Jesus and God, for they are one. One in celebration, one in Wisdom, one in Faith, One in Love. Happiness is from God always and no present can give you the happiness that God brings. God is one with His Son , Jesus and also with us, and with you and your family. God is everywhere, omnipresent in all things, and in Heaven , where He reigns. God is loving beyond measure and in this love we celebrate the oneness of God Almighty, for He reigns with splendor and love. 

This Holiday, remember this beloved, that God loves you and always has and always will. Your family and you are chosen to be here at this time, with Love from God Almighty and are celebrated in Heaven. That may seem odd, but in truth, we are here, celebrating you now. We celebrate you when you connect with us, we celebrate you when you answer in Love, we celebrate you when you Love dearly, with your heart beloved, we celebrate your passions of the heart, compassion, sincerity. Love comes in many forms, – truth, love, faith, honesty, – love comes in  many shapes but is formless and eternal. Love is what we celebrate. Honesty and truth come from the Heavenly Father and are gifts unto you. Honesty is important in this time period and any other. Honesty is what will help you in this new mileninum and beyond, in the coming new year, in all ways. Honesty and love go hand in hand- for who would love and then turn around with dishonesty? No one, love si pure, and is wholesome and you are created from that pure, oneness, that wholsomeness of God , eternally loved beloved. Eternally loved by the Father. We love you now, we love you in all ways nd we protect you and yor family. We celebrate you and your loved ones together, we  love your ability to love and to grow in love with us, in the Heavenly realms. 

Shift your awareness now to Heaven, what does that feel like? It should feel peaceful, for that is what Heaven is! Shift your awareness to Heaven and imagine a place eternally peaceful, peace in all directions, no matter where you turn, peace in all areas , this is Heaven. Ask the angeles to surround you. The angeles is a great multitude of Holy angels who will be here with you now. 

“Dear angels, angeles and Archangels, surround me now, help me to feel your holy presence and love. Help me understand the way to love, to love in all ways, and to love eternally. Help my heart to lift if needed, and I am asking for you to help my family also where needed. Help each one of us to lift in our hearts and often. Help us to see with the eyes of the angels, help us to see each other as you would see us. Thank you for helping.” 

Listen to any guidance you  receive and ask the angels to clear your mind of anything that would hinder you from hearing them. Thank your angels, the angeles and the Archangels. Thank them for lifting, for listening, and for their help. You need only ask at any time and you will be surrounded indeed. Know that God loves you and always will. He will always Love your family and you need not worry. Instead pray to the Heavenly Father and thank Him for His help in all matters. Thank God for all things, for through God all things are possible. Thank God unceasingly. and  you will gain favor with Him in alll ways. Listen to the Words of the Gospels, listen to your inner knowing, the Holy Spirit who resides in you. Listen to any guidance within your heart. If it feels uplifting, this is from Heaven. We will always help you beloved , to hear us, but in this way, you are listening to the Holy Spirit, the Word of God and this will also help you in all ways. Love is always the answer and so it is beloved. We understand you and help you always. 

….and so it is beloved. We bless you and love you. Always. 

In Jesus Name~ 

The Angeles with the Angel Team 

The Holy Family of Jesus


Awhile back, the angels asked me to dedicate Sundays to the Gospel Readings for the day. Here is Luke 2:41-52 with a loving message behind it.  

Each year Jesus’ parents went to Jerusalem for the feast
of Passover,
and when he was twelve years old,
they went up according to festival custom.
After they had completed its days, as they were returning,
the boy Jesus remained behind in Jerusalem,
but his parents did not know it.
Thinking that he was in the caravan,
they journeyed for a day
and looked for him among their relatives and acquaintances,
but not finding him,
they returned to Jerusalem to look for him.
After three days they found him in the temple,
sitting in the midst of the teachers,
listening to them and asking them questions,
and all who heard him were astounded
at his understanding and his answers.
When his parents saw him,
they were astonished,
and his mother said to him,
“Son, why have you done this to us?
Your father and I have been looking for you with great anxiety.”
And he said to them,
“Why were you looking for me?
Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s house?”
But they did not understand what he said to them.
He went down with them and came to Nazareth,
and was obedient to them;
and his mother kept all these things in her heart.
And Jesus advanced in wisdom and age and favor
before God and man.


This takes place shortly after the Annunciation, the Visitation and Presentation of Jesus in the temple. At age 12, Jesus astonished the teachers of the temple with His inherent knowledge, wisdom and understanding in his questions and answers. When Mary and Joseph do find Jesus in the temple, they, like most parents searching for their child, are a little anxious in not locating Him for three days. Jesus, like all responses, calms them with a revealing of His Holy purpose and of his Heavenly Father. Even though they didn’t quite understand, Jesus wished his earth parents peace and remained obedient to them, thus setting an example for all children of God. Mary kept all of these things in her most blessed Immaculate Heart.

Love is always the answer and the Holy Family can help us all grow in love and gentleness with each other. We can ask the Holy Family for their prayers for our own families. We can ask them to help each of our family members, in prayer, in love and in Divine assistance. The Holy Family, is happy to do so.

The angels said, “This is a question worth asking.”

A Message of Peace with the Angels and Archangels 

Guardian angel 3

Peace and Good Tidings from the angel Realm! We the angels, wish to give you a message of love for all. This will be a Season of blessings unto thee. We the angels and Archangels wish you to be at peace with one another and each one in their hearts, in their homes. We the angels uplift you now as you read this message. For these words are imprinted with high loving vibration and angels are surrounding you now to lift your spirit, your light body, and your family tree as well. We listen to you , your words of laughter, of joy, and also when you are moody, or worrisome. We support you in wanting to a new beginning this Christmas and within this new year to come. We the angels and Archangels, the Cherubium, the Seraphim, the Archangels all- wish to help you in Heavenly ways. You need only ask us and we are happy to help you. Even if it seems trivial, or unimportant to you, rest assured, this will too be helped Heaven-ly and will be Heavenly Guided with the angels. May Your peace be knowing that you are being guided in all ways. May you rest in peace knowing that your loved ones are too. All will be guided as this is what the Father intends for you. Love is always the answer in every decision you make, this year and the ones that will also be celebrated in this lifetime and in any other.  

Lift up your awareness to Heaven, breathe in and out, and release any fatigue, worry-financial or otherwise to the Heavens by allowing the Most High to help you. In all ways. Lift up your prayer, lift up your concerns and rest in His Divine Love which is constant. God’s Love is constant beloved; constantly available to you and to your loved ones. No one is without the Father’s Goodness and God is happy to see His children happy and loving and joy-filled. Listen as we fill your heart with peace, with love and with Heavenly high brilliant love and light . St. Michael is the chief of the angeles and knows what to do when you ask him to help your heart feel uplifted. He is kind, beyond words can describe and is loving you now as you read this message from us. He asks for you to ask for his help more often , and will help you now, lift your fears, to Heaven, purify them in Heaven’s Light and will fill you with the Heavenly Brilliant white light of the angels. This is a brilliant diamond-like bright love and is shared with all this day. For all who ask of him. He is happy to assist. 

Allow him now to help you by closing your eyes ( after you read this), or simply breathing as you read this and asking for St. Michael the Archangel to be with you. Understand that he can see your thoughts, feel your intention and is with you now. Ask St. Michael to lift your energy body, to lift your heart and mind, your thoughts and even your cells. This Christmas, release anything that has been hindering you , or seemingly so, to the angels. Trust that this is being done, as we lift you , we also are here with you, and we love you. 

Focus on your heart, and help yourself this Christmas by listening to the guidance you receive (if any) and thank the angels when you feel complete. For this is guidance worth listening to. Help your family this Christmas with unconditional Love, with truth, with spiritual love. Send your love if your family lives far away by visualizing your love surrounding them. Send each person in your family love and ask St. Michael and the angels to help you do this exercise. You will feel a slight change in vibration as they help  you send love to your family. Then, thank your angels, and St. Michael, for helping you and your family. Ask St. Michael to help your loved ones lift their hearts too. This can be done only if they give St. Michael permission on a soul level. St. Michael knows how to do this so simply ask on their behalf. Thank St. Michael for this and invite the angels to surround your family. We the angels are happy to do so, you know. 

Jesus and God are always listening, and do not worry about anything, but in all ways, pray unceasingly, thank God unceasingly and know that your prayers are being answered as you pray them. 

And so it is beloved, we bless you in multitudes, and we send your heart our love too. This was a bit of a cleansing and we are happy to help you uplift your heart anytime you ask. Just by asking, you help to raise your vibration and also help to uplift your surroundings and your home, if not the world. So ask often, as often as needed. We will help you shine your light- for your light is radiant and you are blessed dear one. We lift you now, and your prayers  to God. We lift your heart in great multitudes and ask you to breathe quietly when you are finished reading this, as we cleanse you, and help you feel one with God. For this is what you are in Truth. One with God, for He could never leave you and never will. 

And so it is beloved, amen , amen , amen. 

St. Michael, St. Gabriel, the angels and Archangels and the Angel Team 

A Message of Love withThe Christmas Angels with St. Gabriel


All are embraced this Christmas in God’s High Brilliant Light of the Spirit, Light of Christ, Love of God. The Love of God is eternal, irrevocable and always within your heart . We angels celebrate your openness to the Love of God and awaken you to His Love if not understood. How could God not love His creation, when it was formed with His hands? You were formed with His Holy Love and Embrace. You were Loved before He created you, and you are loved now and always. For His Love is the highest Love  of all. Eternally given, constant, and overflowing, uplifting into everyone and in all things He has created. Open your heart now to the Goodness of God . Recognize the Goodness surrounding you and within your own heart. For that is what is seen from Heaven- in the Heavenly Realms, and with God’s Heart, is the goodness within you and in everyone. The Goodness is what opens you to more goodness. God loves for you to ask Him for His Love. He is always willing to share His Love. For the world is embraced now and forever and is always loved by God. You are Holy instruments of the Holy Spirit who resides within you. This is too, God -given and is sent by His Son who loves you.

This Christmas open your heart to God’s Love. Focus not on the world, but on the Light of His Love inside your own heart. Focus on the Light Of God in all people, in all walks, religions, beliefs, cultures and within your own country too. Focus on His Love in Heaven, On Earth and within the universe. Focus on God, and His Son , Jesus, who loves you now and always and is with you this Christmas within your own heart and within each other, and within His people. God is with you is the meaning of Emmanuel. The meaning of Christmas is “God is with us” as it is written in Isaiah. [Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:23]

This Christmas it is about the Love. The Love of God, The love of Jesus, the Love that we were all created with. The Divine Love that came into the world and the Love that Created it all.

Ask the Christmas angels to help you feel this love if needed. Ask the angels to help[ you lift your hearts to His Goodness.

St. Gabriel, St. Michael and St. Raphael, – cleanse me of any err in thinking, help me heal where needed and uplift to the Light that is Jesus, that is God. and open my heart to the Love of God- within me and surrounding me in others.

“Dear Heavenly Father- May your Holy Love overflow in my heart , and May the Love of God open my heart, and help me open my heart to Jesus, who is with you in the Glory of God the Father, the Most High now and always. Thank you God fr loving me and holding me and my family in Your embrace, cleansing me of any err in thinking of separation, and help me love the way you do.” (In Jesus Name)

and so it is beloved, amen, amen , amen….

St. Gabriel, The Christmas Angels and the Angel Team

A Message of Peace from the Guardian Angel Realm


The angels want you to do your best. In all ways, prayer helps all things. Prayer increases God’s help among Earth. God is offering His assistance 24/7 and you are never without the Most High. He is always with  you and will always  be with you. God is helping you now , even as we speak. He has always been there helping in all ways, even when it seems like He has not been there. He has never forgotten you and never will. This has been written in the Bible, and is worth repeating. Try to understand the Father’s Love, for it is greater than you can imagine. The depths of His Heart is eternally loving and to His Goodness there is no end. His ways are the Highest ways and Trust Him with all of your sincere, heartfelt prayers. For in His Goodness He answers without hesitation all prayer. All prayers are answered immediately. Trust Him with everything, pray unceasingly this holiday and always, give thanks for everything He does, for in His Goodness He Will assist all; answer the humble heart, the sincere heart, the lowly heart, the poor of heart, the one who comes in faith, thanksgiving, praise and hearts of goodness. All will be answered in all ways , without hesitancy. God sees your goodness, and always has. His Light emanates within your heart and He knows his peacemakers, His favored, His chosen, for all are chosen before they enter the Earth and were selected before the Earth was made by God Himself. God is all knowing, all encompassing and may you praise Him daily and give thanks unceasingly.

“Lift up your hearts, for He has Risen ” is sung by the Seraphim angels constantly to all people. This is a season of joy, rejoice in this Season and know that God and Jesus love everyone equally- as it is written, God is always with you and will never leave you.

This Christmas, invite God to be with you, in your heart. Ask for Him to send you His Love into your heart, into your mind, and overflow within every cell, every organ, every system, and within every area of your mind, heart and soul. May you share in His Love, for He is Willing to send His Holy Love to you always. In every moment , His Love is offered. 

“Hallowed be thy Name Father, will you please send the Love you have in store for me? Will you please overflow in every area of my mind, body, emotions, heart and soul, and May I share this Love with everyone I meet today. Clear me of any err in thinking that makes me feel separate from You. Clear me of any thought that I am not worthy of Your Love, and hold me in Your Embrace. In Jesus’ Name. Amen”

and so it is, amen, amen, amen…..

The Guardian Angels with the Angel Team

The Visitation

The Visitation

When I first began channeling Angel Messages for my Angel Blog, the angels encouraged me to dedicate Sundays to the Gospel Readings.  With love and gratitude, here is the Gospel of Luke 1:39-45- with a message of love behind it.

Mary set out
and traveled to the hill country in haste
to a town of Judah,
where she entered the house of Zechariah
and greeted Elizabeth.
When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting,
the infant leaped in her womb,
and Elizabeth, filled with the Holy Spirit,
cried out in a loud voice and said,
“Blessed are you among women,
and blessed is the fruit of your womb.
And how does this happen to me,
that the mother of my Lord should come to me?
For at the moment the sound of your greeting reached my ears,
the infant in my womb leaped for joy.
Blessed are you who believed
that what was spoken to you by the Lord
would be fulfilled.”


There is a reason that “Blessed are you among women ” was spoken in the Gospels. Mary is the Queen of Heaven and Queen of the angels, and Blessed is she as she gave permission for the Light of God, the Light of Salvation and the Word of God to become flesh through her. “Let it be done to me as you have said it” was spoken by Mary to St. Gabriel and is called the Annunciation of the Lord. In this Gospel, the Lord was with Mary, even in her womb. So was the Holy Spirit. This was recognized by the baby in St. Elizabeth’s womb, as they were both filled with the Holy Spirit upon seeing Mary. This was no coincidence as Zechariah was told about the birth of St. John before he was conceived through the Holy Spirit. St. John was just a baby, a fetus in his mother’s womb, but knew that this was the Savior of the World , even as a babe- pre-born within St. Elizabeth’s womb.  This was a great time in History, and is celebrated in this age and the one to come, for the coming of the Savior is always welcomed in all ways. Even in the womb, on the foothills, and within every household. Recognizing the Birth of the Lord is blessed. Recognizing the second coming will also be blessed and will be accompanied with the Holy Spirit as well. The Holy Spirit is within you, within your hearts and so is Jesus. His Light , the Light of Christ will be recognized always. In Heaven and on Earth through the Holy Spirit. Be alert, be not afraid, and welcome Jesus in all ways into your home, your heart and your life. 

~ The Angel Team ~

The Light of Christ/Light of Emmanuel

Guardian angel 3

St. Michael and the angels are here to offer a message of love on the Light of Christ , and answer questions such as how can we ask for this Light , how we can recognize it within ourselves , within others and our own families:

“This Light is from Jesus Christ himself. And was offered to all through the Holy Spirit. This light is within your hearts now and is always within every cell of your body . It is the heart that, when opened , shines this light immensely. This light is brilliant in nature, for it is the Light of Jesus , who has come to offer his light, his message, the Word of God to all. In accepting him within your own heart , your heart shines to the Heavens and throughout galaxies . This is because the Light of  Emmanuel is eternal and is eternally given to all.

Just relax if you wish to recognize this light within your own heart by breathing deeply, and just going into your heart. Ask your heart to open and here , invite Jesus in. Jesus will always listen to those who ask him to be with them . He has Divine Love for all people: all women , all men , all children.

Spend time here with Jesus and ask him to be with you in your heart. He is already there with you always, and within everyone in their hearts. The Light of Christ is golden in color, brilliantly shining, emanating peaceful strength and beauty and Divine Love. Divine Love is strong within yourselves , and this is God-given to you , this Christmas and will be with you always , has been with you since you were born and will always be with you in all ways.

Be quick to love always,  and everywhere. In all ways give thanks to the Lord Jesus for always helping you and your family , for he has never left you or anyone and he never will. Jesus is the Most High , Savior , and God-Given Son to all. Jesus does not want your heart to be troubled, now or anytime. In all ways , give tour burdens to God , asking for his help in all ways. Give thanks unceasingly and know God loves you very much as does his son Jesus Christ. And so it is beloved.

Ask for the Light of Emmanuel daily . Ask Jesus to spend time in your heart daily . Ask Jesus anytime you feel alone, or without help to help you . I promise you, you will have the Most High helping , for all prayers , spoken in truth ,sincerity and humility are heard and answered immediately.  Jesus loves to help those who call upon him and will always help everyone. For he loves you, in all ways.”

St. Michael, St. Gabriel and the angels with the Angel Team