A Prayer to Help Recognize Spiritual Gifts and Abilities

angel holding light center

Spiritual Gifts come in multitudes. Everyone has Spiritual Gifts and Abilities that are God- Given. All are different. Although some are chosen for different purposes, all gifts can include the same love from the Holy Spirit.

Gifts are given with the same measure , and all gifts are eternally given. All Abilities are given with grand authority from God Himself. No one has been given a shortage of Gifts. For there are many that are unseen and are given with the Love and Knowledge of God, for special purposes. St. Michael the Archangel is willing to assist you in recognizing Spiritual Gifts and Abilities daily. In recognizing them, you will be able to understand how to use them daily, and this will help you in your life, and in the lives of others. These will help you bring blessings unto you and your family and will glorify the Heavenly Father who gave them to you to use. All are gifted spiritually. All can uplift with the Holy Spirit, who resides in your hearts now and always. The holy Spirit is now with everyone. He is in the hearts of your family and friends and co-workers and employers and acquaintances. In all , for the Holy Spirit is God’s Spirit who dwells in each and everyone and is a blessing sent from God, with a multitude of Spiritual Gifts for each person- as each one of you has a special purpose in God’s Plan.

Lift up your hearts now, ask God to help you in recognizing your spiritual Gifts and Abilities . Ask St. Michael to help you in recognizing these gifts . For they are holy, and God-sent for you to bring blessings to everyone upon this Earth while you are here. They are eternally blessed and eternally handed to each person. God is accurate and does not make mistakes. Even children are born with these gifts from birth and recognize their gifts as they grow- so will you recognize these gifts as you grow spiritually and with God’s help all will be learned.

“Dear Heavenly Father – thank you for blessing me with Your Holy Spirit. Help me recognize the Spiritual Gifts and Abilities that are God-given , help  me to use them to the best and highest of my ability- so that it may glorify you and bring blessings to everyone. Help me to use them in my life purpose and to recognize what that purpose is. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

The Angel Team~

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