Gifts of Healing


The world news is filled with accounts of tragic events. Realize that you are one with God at all times. He has never left and never will. You are a blessed Child of the of the Most High God and you have healing powers and gifts that are supernatural. Prayers help everything always. Pray for those who are suffering, pray for those who love openly and are willing to love more deeply though this time. Pray for those who are healing now, pray for those who need you, who need a prayer. Pray for World Peace which is easily attainable. Do not let the world tell you differently dear one. This world is filled with stories of love, of peace and heart warming children and their parents who love them. Each one blessed in every way. Listen to the songs in your heart every morning when you wake. Feel the love of God within you and pray for those who do not understand that God’s love is here now, in the hearts of many, of all men and women and children. In all of God’s creations, there is love- Holy,Divine, omnipresent love that resides in all people. Even if they do not know it- they are missing something that cannot be forgotten, cannot be denied and is always within them- even though they do not see or feel it. They just haven’t tried. Realize that all people, living and past , have had God’s Love , and will always have God’s Love and God will never leave.

You have healing abilities and gifts within you. Your hands have healing light that comes when you are ready to use it. Just place your hands on your heart. Feel the light within your hands as it cascades over you. Yes, you have the healing light within your heart too. You can send this light at will from your own heart. Ask the angels to strengthen your resolve when doing so, and the angels will know what to do. Surround each person around you with this light from your heart. Surround the world if you wish, surround your home, and anywhere you wish. This light is God-given and is within you and everyone around you. Surround your own self , surround your loved ones , and imagine this light, which is golden, coming from your heart and out your hands when you place your hands on someone or your own heart. Listen to the angels and ask the angels and Jesus to be with your hands when you use this light in your hands. The angels will know what to do and so will the Lord. Just intend – that is all that is needed. The light will increase the more you use it. This can also be used on animals and plants. Listen for the love in your heart, imagine this love surrounding the Earth right now. This is what the world needs. More love. And you , a loving Child of God, can surround the Earth anytime you wish. Pray for those news stories , pray as you hear them for all people. You will be healing with prayer and you can ask God to help you in all ways….and them. God is always with you and always will be . Ask the angels for guidance in any healing you decide to use. This can be with crystals, essential oils,  oils of anointment, love, hands, envisioning healing light around you or others, and so forth. This can include a multitude of ways and you are an experienced healer. You have been healing and uplifting your entire life and the world could use a hand sometimes. Yours.

Feel the love, ask the angels to strengthen your resolve. Ask the love in your heart to surround  (____) , imagine this love as golden light, ask this love to surround each person for the highest good. Thank the angels. Ask Jesus to be with you also.

“Dear Jesus please be with my hands. Help to strengthen my heart. Please be with me and the others I now intend this light for. Thank you Jesus. Thank you God for using me as an instrument. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

And so it is beloved. Your heart rests in Jesus, in His peace. May the world know this and know who he is. For he is with you all.

The Angel Team

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