A Message of Love for Christmas with the Christmas Angels and the Guardian Angel Realm

Christmas Angels

This Christmas season, help one another by lifting the spirit of someone special by complimenting, encouraging, supporting. Healthy relationships are important everyday. Nurture your own family relationships everyday. Tell a child they are important. Hug your own children (even if grown) , for each one is blessed.

Love one another as Jesus has said. Lift your awareness to the Christmas angels. Call on us anytime you wish; especially through this season of Christmas. 2015 has had its blessings for everyone indeed and give thanks in your heart to the Most High.

Shift your awareness to love. Focus on the Angel Realm- on the Christmas Angels. You need only intend. The angels are always listening. The Christmas Angels will help you listen to the Light of Christ in your heart., increase joy if you ask them, increase peace where needed, help you feel the Christmas spirit, help you feel the light of Christ- the Light of Emmanuel who is always present and within your hearts. The Christmas angels are very peaceful (and are always with you as we celebrate the Light of Christ 24/7) and loving and are here daily with the Heavenly Host in great numbers- and will help your family throughout Christmas. Ask for their presence to surround you. Breathe deeply and ask for the Christmas Angels- and give thanks to God for all he has done- especially in your family tree.

The Christmas Angels are very close to Jesus and love him dearly. They love Mother Mary and can help you celebrate this Christmas Season in joy and peace. They can also help you in almsgiving, prayer to God, and in giving. We celebrate in joy in your asking to be with us in all ways.

~With God all things are possible~

The Christmas Angels with the Guardian Angel Realm and the Angel Team

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