A Message of Peace with the Angels and Archangels 

Guardian angel 3

Peace and Good Tidings from the angel Realm! We the angels, wish to give you a message of love for all. This will be a Season of blessings unto thee. We the angels and Archangels wish you to be at peace with one another and each one in their hearts, in their homes. We the angels uplift you now as you read this message. For these words are imprinted with high loving vibration and angels are surrounding you now to lift your spirit, your light body, and your family tree as well. We listen to you , your words of laughter, of joy, and also when you are moody, or worrisome. We support you in wanting to a new beginning this Christmas and within this new year to come. We the angels and Archangels, the Cherubium, the Seraphim, the Archangels all- wish to help you in Heavenly ways. You need only ask us and we are happy to help you. Even if it seems trivial, or unimportant to you, rest assured, this will too be helped Heaven-ly and will be Heavenly Guided with the angels. May Your peace be knowing that you are being guided in all ways. May you rest in peace knowing that your loved ones are too. All will be guided as this is what the Father intends for you. Love is always the answer in every decision you make, this year and the ones that will also be celebrated in this lifetime and in any other.  

Lift up your awareness to Heaven, breathe in and out, and release any fatigue, worry-financial or otherwise to the Heavens by allowing the Most High to help you. In all ways. Lift up your prayer, lift up your concerns and rest in His Divine Love which is constant. God’s Love is constant beloved; constantly available to you and to your loved ones. No one is without the Father’s Goodness and God is happy to see His children happy and loving and joy-filled. Listen as we fill your heart with peace, with love and with Heavenly high brilliant love and light . St. Michael is the chief of the angeles and knows what to do when you ask him to help your heart feel uplifted. He is kind, beyond words can describe and is loving you now as you read this message from us. He asks for you to ask for his help more often , and will help you now, lift your fears, to Heaven, purify them in Heaven’s Light and will fill you with the Heavenly Brilliant white light of the angels. This is a brilliant diamond-like bright love and is shared with all this day. For all who ask of him. He is happy to assist. 

Allow him now to help you by closing your eyes ( after you read this), or simply breathing as you read this and asking for St. Michael the Archangel to be with you. Understand that he can see your thoughts, feel your intention and is with you now. Ask St. Michael to lift your energy body, to lift your heart and mind, your thoughts and even your cells. This Christmas, release anything that has been hindering you , or seemingly so, to the angels. Trust that this is being done, as we lift you , we also are here with you, and we love you. 

Focus on your heart, and help yourself this Christmas by listening to the guidance you receive (if any) and thank the angels when you feel complete. For this is guidance worth listening to. Help your family this Christmas with unconditional Love, with truth, with spiritual love. Send your love if your family lives far away by visualizing your love surrounding them. Send each person in your family love and ask St. Michael and the angels to help you do this exercise. You will feel a slight change in vibration as they help  you send love to your family. Then, thank your angels, and St. Michael, for helping you and your family. Ask St. Michael to help your loved ones lift their hearts too. This can be done only if they give St. Michael permission on a soul level. St. Michael knows how to do this so simply ask on their behalf. Thank St. Michael for this and invite the angels to surround your family. We the angels are happy to do so, you know. 

Jesus and God are always listening, and do not worry about anything, but in all ways, pray unceasingly, thank God unceasingly and know that your prayers are being answered as you pray them. 

And so it is beloved, we bless you in multitudes, and we send your heart our love too. This was a bit of a cleansing and we are happy to help you uplift your heart anytime you ask. Just by asking, you help to raise your vibration and also help to uplift your surroundings and your home, if not the world. So ask often, as often as needed. We will help you shine your light- for your light is radiant and you are blessed dear one. We lift you now, and your prayers  to God. We lift your heart in great multitudes and ask you to breathe quietly when you are finished reading this, as we cleanse you, and help you feel one with God. For this is what you are in Truth. One with God, for He could never leave you and never will. 

And so it is beloved, amen , amen , amen. 

St. Michael, St. Gabriel, the angels and Archangels and the Angel Team 

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