A Loving Message from The Angeles 


Greetings, The Angels wish to congratulate you this Christmas season for celebrating the Birth of Jesus. As in Heaven above, we the angeles celebrate this always. We celebrate this every moment, eternally praising Jesus and God, for they are one. One in celebration, one in Wisdom, one in Faith, One in Love. Happiness is from God always and no present can give you the happiness that God brings. God is one with His Son , Jesus and also with us, and with you and your family. God is everywhere, omnipresent in all things, and in Heaven , where He reigns. God is loving beyond measure and in this love we celebrate the oneness of God Almighty, for He reigns with splendor and love. 

This Holiday, remember this beloved, that God loves you and always has and always will. Your family and you are chosen to be here at this time, with Love from God Almighty and are celebrated in Heaven. That may seem odd, but in truth, we are here, celebrating you now. We celebrate you when you connect with us, we celebrate you when you answer in Love, we celebrate you when you Love dearly, with your heart beloved, we celebrate your passions of the heart, compassion, sincerity. Love comes in many forms, – truth, love, faith, honesty, – love comes in  many shapes but is formless and eternal. Love is what we celebrate. Honesty and truth come from the Heavenly Father and are gifts unto you. Honesty is important in this time period and any other. Honesty is what will help you in this new mileninum and beyond, in the coming new year, in all ways. Honesty and love go hand in hand- for who would love and then turn around with dishonesty? No one, love si pure, and is wholesome and you are created from that pure, oneness, that wholsomeness of God , eternally loved beloved. Eternally loved by the Father. We love you now, we love you in all ways nd we protect you and yor family. We celebrate you and your loved ones together, we  love your ability to love and to grow in love with us, in the Heavenly realms. 

Shift your awareness now to Heaven, what does that feel like? It should feel peaceful, for that is what Heaven is! Shift your awareness to Heaven and imagine a place eternally peaceful, peace in all directions, no matter where you turn, peace in all areas , this is Heaven. Ask the angeles to surround you. The angeles is a great multitude of Holy angels who will be here with you now. 

“Dear angels, angeles and Archangels, surround me now, help me to feel your holy presence and love. Help me understand the way to love, to love in all ways, and to love eternally. Help my heart to lift if needed, and I am asking for you to help my family also where needed. Help each one of us to lift in our hearts and often. Help us to see with the eyes of the angels, help us to see each other as you would see us. Thank you for helping.” 

Listen to any guidance you  receive and ask the angels to clear your mind of anything that would hinder you from hearing them. Thank your angels, the angeles and the Archangels. Thank them for lifting, for listening, and for their help. You need only ask at any time and you will be surrounded indeed. Know that God loves you and always will. He will always Love your family and you need not worry. Instead pray to the Heavenly Father and thank Him for His help in all matters. Thank God for all things, for through God all things are possible. Thank God unceasingly. and  you will gain favor with Him in alll ways. Listen to the Words of the Gospels, listen to your inner knowing, the Holy Spirit who resides in you. Listen to any guidance within your heart. If it feels uplifting, this is from Heaven. We will always help you beloved , to hear us, but in this way, you are listening to the Holy Spirit, the Word of God and this will also help you in all ways. Love is always the answer and so it is beloved. We understand you and help you always. 

….and so it is beloved. We bless you and love you. Always. 

In Jesus Name~ 

The Angeles with the Angel Team 

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