With God All Things Are Possible

Holy Spirit

God is love. Love is what is in store when you trust God with all prayer. His Divine Love is what helps all hearts melt. Especially when you think you couldn’t fathom love that is unconditional, God is there to help you understand this love with authority. Loving someone doesn’t mean to love and leave them, it means to love them and support them. That is what God does. God never leaves his people, God helps his people and when you lift your thoughts and heart to God, God will help you in all ways-ALL ways that you ask in sincerity. Lift up your concerns to God IAM, Almighty, the Most High. Lift up your hearts and prayer and give thanks in all ways. Help is on the way and know that your prayers have been answered the moment they were heard. Answered without hesitation always. Lift your eyes to Heaven, your awareness to the Lord, who is with you in all ways. Lift your heart to Him and help others understand that He is always there for you and always will be. Cleanse your consciousness, help others cleanse theirs if needed, and ask for God’s help in all matters, spiritual and physical. God helps all needs, whether physical and spiritual and knows what you are asking before you think it. It is within your heart as you come to Him and He loves you. Love is always the answer, peace is always the answer and love is what God is. Make this year about peaceful surrender to the Most High, about peace with others, about peace within yourself. In doing so, you will have increased peaceful intentions and actions and will gain favor from God who loves you. Your family is blessed and so are you in all ways. We love you , and so it is, amen, amen , amen. 

The Angel Team 

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