2016  is Here – A Loving Message from the Angel Team


Love is the answer in 2016. Love yourself, love your neighbor, love your family especially. For the family is where you first learn what love is . Unconditional Love is from the family and friends who love you the most. Lift your heart to God who loves you more. More than any unconditional love here on earth you will find. Love  is where you come from in Heaven and on Earth , may it be known that love is the true source of all that is. All that is lovely, all that is kind, all that is blessed is from love itself. For God knows no boundaries with His love , and is meant for all. Love God first, love Him with all you have. Love Him always, for He loves you in all ways.  He created you with his love and will always be here for you and your family. In 2016, and beyond, Love will always be the answer you seek. 

For career guidance, ask a career angel to be with you, for there are many in number who will be with you. Ask for a career angel who will help you with life purpose. This is usually helped with St. Michael the Archangel, who knows what your life purpose is. 

For those seeking a career in their own life purpose, firmly rooted, St. Michael is the best one to ask, but is also willing to help any who ask of him. For he is a protector Archangel and wants to see you in a career that feels fulfilling to you. 

For those seeking love, a new relationship. Look no further than your own heart. For is love is what you seek, your own heart will attract what it is you are seeking. The romance angels will help you find the one that is seeking you. For the angels know who this is in Truth. Ask the angels to help guide you together, when the time is right. For no relationship should be rushed, although we can see you are ready for a healthy relationship at last! Trust in God’s timing for everything. Especially a new relationship. For each relationship brings fruit when nurtured you see. Even the ones you were not willing to continue, those even brought fruit to your life. In this way, you can ask the angels to help you bring one that will have the same interests, and will be a loving partner for you and your family. For you are blessed. 

For those seeking a new and rewarding adventure or opportunity, for spiritual growth, for more harmony  or all of the above – for those seeking to become closer to God. The angels can help you in all ways. Ask in prayer what it is you wish to be guided for. Ask in faith and trust that God has heard you. For he answers prayers without hesitancy and he loves you unconditionally in all ways. Trust God with your prayers and listen for any guidance you receive. Act upon this guidance, if received, without delay. Thank God for all of His works in your life and know He is with you and your family in every moment. He loves you and hears your prayers. 

In 2016, give all thanks to God. Lift up any worries in prayer, and let God help. He is willing to help you love, to love with your heart, and to love fully. He is filled with understanding and knows what you are seeking , before you seek it. He is Wisdom, He is Love, He is loving and knows you are loving too. For He created you with His love. 

…and so it is beloved. We lift you as you read this, we lift your energy body and know we are with you always and we love you. For you are blessed. 

The Angel Team

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