How To Hear Your Angels


The angels say the best way to hear them is to practice speaking to them regularly. Write down any guidance you receive and notice any feelings that are uplifting, ideas, thoughts, or uplifting messages, visions or an ‘inner knowing’ you receive that bring blessings to everyone. An angel message always feels uplifting in nature. This is because the angels wish to increase peace, and are always in a high vibrational state of love and joy and peace. Your angels can also send you physical signs they are with you. Such as lyrics that play audibly on a radio station or song that seems tailor made for you. Also a tailor made conversation in a store or next to you. A butterfly or a white feather. All of these can be physical signs from the angels. The angels are not limited in the ways they can speak to you. They can even send a message in your dreams. This is a little like a vision, but in a vision, you are actually wide awake with what seems like a movie or an “angel scene” playing in your minds eye. Talk to your angels often, you can tell them everything and notice the signs or communication you receive as a result. With practice, you can understand the angels’ messages to you. You can even ask them to help you understand the messages you are receiving simply by asking, “Dear angels, help me hear you. Help me to clearly understand the messages you are sending.” or by asking them to send you guidance. St. Michael says to ” pray for guidance when you feel unsure or need clarity.” 

Your guardian angels are always with you! There are many in number in the angel realm, and the guardian angels love to communicate with you.  

We are always with you dear beloved child of God. We , the angels are with you 24/7 and we love you always. Even if it seems like we are not with you, I assure you, we are – in every moment. Call on us daily and we will fill you with love from the angels.  We love you and do not wish to see you upset- only at peace. If you are in a time of your life, which you are experiencing joy, we bless you more ! Joy is what we the angels celebrate in you. Joy is love expressed. Joy is important in this day and age and we will help you lift your energy  field this day to help you lift to your natural state of being. This will be done with the help of St. Michael and the guardian angels who love you. 

First, allow yourself to sit quietly. Quietly with a loving intention of lifting with the angels. Breathe, and ask St. Michael to be with you and the guardian angels who love you to please be with you. Here, ask for an uplifting of your energy body, a clearing and uplifting with the angels who love you. There are many in number who love you. Listen to your heart for any guidance you receive from them. Ask them to clear you of anything that may be hindering you hearing them. Ask the angels to help you clear any chakras, and open your heart to higher awareness. To Higher understanding. To Love. 

We the angels are happy to do so, and we will help you regularly lift if needed. You need only ask! St. Michael will always help you when asked. The guardian angels love you and will always be with you. In this age and beyond, eternally. And so it is beloved, we bless you and your family this day, as asked. 

St. Michael, St. Gabriel and the guardian angels  with the Angel Team

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