2016 and Beyond- A Message of love from The Archangels and Angels 


Greetings,  I am the Archangel known as St. Michael, the Prince of the Heavenly Host. I am here with St. Gabriel…

For 2016, the Archangels would like for you to have an open heart. Even if you have an open heart, ask the angels to help you open your heart even further. This will bring in more love, and more love is needed here. The love you carry within your heart can expand when given. Love expands. Love is eternal and will never cease in vibration or in form. Love is the highest vibration there is, love is all there is. With love, the world can heal. Your love can heal the world. Millions of people loving together can heal universes. Although the universe is formed in love, we gently remind you the power of love. In fullness, Love is what creates. You do not need our reminder, dear ones, but please understand that love is very important most of all. In 2016, and in any year, we ask you to remember to love more each day. How do you love more  you ask? We the angels and Archangels can help you open your heart more. More than what you are accustomed to. This is possible through the free will and is always available to you. 

Lift your awareness to the angels and Archangels now. To the angel realm. Ask us to surround you now, with our love, and we will surround you and your home, filling you and your home with light from the angels and Archangels. St. Michael will help remove anything hindering you from love, or from receiving love. “St. Michael will you please be by my side and help my heart open more to receiving love from the angel realm?” St. Michael will help your heart open to the love of the Angels and Archangels and also to the Love you were created with. God’s Love. Which is available to you 24/7, eternally. 

Love is always here for you beloved and we the angels want you to feel and receive more love in 2016. Receiving and giving love are essential to you and your heart. We love you and the angels are happy to help you do so. In all ways, love is the key, love is the answer, love is all there is. And so we bless you, we lift you higher into love, and we thank you. And so it is beloved, amen, amen, amen. 

St. Michael , St. Gabriel and the Angels and Angel Team

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