Ascending Body for 2016

angel beauty

Your ascending body is your light body. Your light body is your field of “love” that emanates from your spirit self. In truth,  you are whole and complete, just the way you are. There is no separation from God , who loves you. Your light body is ascending higher into the 5th dimension as is the entire world. Your light body is helping the world shift into a higher frequency of love. The world is shifting together as a whole into higher consciousness and this is the “ground breaking” for increased peace to come. More peace and more love and that is what everyone is praying for. In this 5th dimensional process, we are simply helping you become more aware. We are loving you beloved, and in this state of love, your ascending body can open the doors to more love simply by asking the angels and archangels to open your heart to greater love. Love needs nothing because it has everything already. In truth, Love is all there is. Honor your feeling and hunches. This is your spirit self. Inner knowing comes from the Holy Spirit who is glorified and resides within your heart. Your spirit self, is one with the Glorified Spirit of God almighty. Cleanse from any fear based thoughts , or lower thoughts that are not aligned with love. This will help in 2016 to make a habit of beautifying yiur thoughts about your own self or about others. Ask the angels of beauty to help you beautify your thoughts if  you have trouble with this. Ask St. Raphael to assist you with healing wounds of the past (if any). This is a question worth asking in 2016. Asking the angels to help you lift daily if needed, cleanse daily if needed. Crave healthier food choices and beverages . Anything you wish that will help you lift to the high vibration of love and peace , which is your natural state.  Cleanse with St. Michael the Archangel to increase peace in your life. ST. Michael will help you lift from stress , negativity , or anything lower in vibration . This will also help to beautify your own thoughts and help those around you uplift also. This is more than positive thinking , it is a way to uplift energetically yourself and those around you. St. Michael cannot interfere with free will , but if you think to yourself “St. Michael , please clear me of negativity ” he will know what needs to be done in order for you to feel cleansed and uplifted. Then he will surround your light body with a shield to prevent further negativity from absorbing into your field and can help to keep you cleansed and feel like your normal , happy , uplifted spirit self !

The body and the ascending body are working together to unify love as one . Sometimes it helps to ask for a little help from the angels to assist this process. In 2016, we the angels wish to help you in all areas you ask us to . It can be with all areas of your life if you wish . We the angels want you to know we are with you , now and always – in 2016 and always in every year to come . And so it is beloved, your light body is a loving part of yourself that when well tuned , can help the longevity of the physical body , which increases health , love , positive  thinking , and peace and joy. Love , joy and peace are natural states of being of human and spirit . Together as one in human form . Love is all there is. And so it is beloved,we bless you , amen, amen , amen .

The Angel Team

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