Guardian Angel Realm – A Message of Love from the Guardian Angels

Guardian Angel Realm – A Message of love from the Guardian Angelsangel

Greetings, we are the Guardian Angels who are with you daily. We are blessed to have been chosen to be with you, as we love being with you daily. We are all here in great numbers, as the angels have been working with you and your family and your loved ones eternally. We see you have been asking to speak to us more often. We celebrate this and wish to inform each person reading this that we are indeed easy to get a hold of. For we accompany you daily. Lift up your hearts to the Heavenly Realms and intend to speak with us. Ask for us to surround you daily, and ask us to be with your family- for we are never separate and are specially assigned to each of you. We know how you think, and know you are blessed. Open your heart daily to the Higher Realms of the angel Realm. 

We invite you to breathe deeply, call on us by name, or simply think the words, ” I now invite the angels to come be with me. Please surround me and my loved ones this day and help us hear your messages clearly.” Then, think of a question, ask for an angel to guide the answer, especially the guardian angels if you prefer, or any angel you feel close to and listen to the first thought or vision, idea or feeling, or knowing that comes to you. Notice if this brings blessings to everyone, notice if this feeling is uplifting in nature. If the vision looks like it come from the angels and guardian angels. You will know! Notice if there is a high vibration accompanying this message. Cleanse yourself of of any worry that you may not be able to hear the angels by asking the guardian angels and St. Michael to be with you. Ask them to clear away any old worry you may have carried unnecessarily about listening to your angels messages , or hearing them. You may have heard them before and not listened, or you may have been having trouble listening , or you may have noticed yourself trying too hard., There is no judgement beloved. For all is knowing that you tried and are learning to hear the high vibration of the angels. The angels will find a way to get through to you. Trust them with your question and ask again! Except this time ask ” Dear angels please help me hear you.” Trust then the message that comes to you and know that the angel realm will hear you! Ask again and this time , breathe softly and easily. Until you feel relaxed. This will help in hearing us. Write down any guidance you receive, and if needed , ask us to turn up the volume to your ear chakras. Ask us to work with your inner knowing , or clairaudience which is clear hearing, or clairvoyance which is clear seeing, or claircognizance which is mentioned above as inner knowing, or clairsentience which is clear feeling. We can also work with your ideas, impressing thoughts and epiphanies to your mind’s eye. We can also work with you in your dreams. Lif tup any concern to God in prayer of course, but ask us anything. Give thanks to God Almighty, for this work is blessed, and know that you are on your way to hearing us, effortlessly. Be patient with yourself and trust us with communicating to you. We love you. We always have, and we always will. We bless you this day and always. and so it is, amen, amen, amen. 

The Guardian Angels 

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