Uplift to your Natural Highest State of Joy Love and Peace


Ask the angels and the archangels , especially St. Michael who will always help anytime you ask of him, to help you uplift to your natural state of joy, love and peace anytime throughout your day. The angels are unlimited to where this can be said. This can in your office, your home, your car ( in traffic)-( in this case it would be best to ask St. Michael for his shield of protection around your car and an uplifting of your energy body). Ask whenever needed. We say this as to make you aware of the many angels who love you, who are willing to help you uplift throughout your day. You need not feel burdened for any length of time- help is on the way whenever needed.

Try to think positive, as this will increase a positive increase of positivity throughout and around you. This will help within everyday situations and increase positive situations through the law of attraction throughout your life. Positive situations will increase happiness and more positivity, which will increase peace to you. Thinking positive may seem inconsequential, but helping you to understand its importance will increase peace for you and others around you will look to you for advice, knowing that your advice will have meaning. You will be and are a Godsend to others-increasing peace for those around you. Which will , in turn increase peace to others around you and they will increase peace to others and so forth. It is like a ripple of good intention.

Think positive thoughts; ask the angels to help you uplift your thoughts daily. We are happy to help you do this, and it is no trouble to the angels. We are, in fact, happy you asked us as it is our intention to increase peace unto you and your family and everyone. Love one another. Love deeply within your being, Love yourself at all times and know that other will respect you for the peace you carry. You are not doing this to gain recognition, however learning this early will help to gain blessings instead. Blessings are what God gives you and are good for you and your family. Peace is a gift of God and a virtue. Positive thinking is a loving gesture, recognized in the Heavens and in the universe as such.

We the angels hold you now, wrapping our wings around you while you read this, we uplift you and we bless you. St. Michael will help you release what you are carrying should it seem heavy- such as an emotion or err in thinking that has become burdensome. Just breathe and ask St. Michael to help you release [name the emotion or situation or burden that you are noticing come to mind- if any]. Even if you feel tired often, this too, can also be lifted, helping you to feel your natural state of love, joy and peace. Love is always the answer. Love is eternal. St. Michael will help you align with Spiritual Truth in errs of thinking and help you to understand the ways of Heaven. Lifting away any unnecessary burdens help you to feel light . And so it is beloved, we bless you and lift you to your natural state of joy, love and peace. Amen, amen, amen. 

The Angeles with St. Michael, St. Gabriel and the Archangels and Angel Teams of you and your loved ones.

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