You Are Blessed

Archangel Chamuel

You are loved and you are guided daily. We the angels will be happy to lift you daily. Share with us everything you desire. Protection, love, health, healthy relationships, prosperity, financial security- this does not mean wealth, but help in financial security- which will create peace. St. Michael will help you lift away any concerns you have. Be willing to release them to him, with the intention of love. This will bring peace to many. Health is easy. Ease of relationships will bring peace. Most things can be settled through peaceful conversation and through love. Love is always the answer, but in asking for Heavenly assistance, you can easily receive help if a relationship is “distanced” or separated. The love may seem non-existent on the outside, however on the inside, there is love. Love is what you were created with, and is what is within you. Love will help all situations and even ones that seem “distant’ from yourself. In Truth, this is not the case. St. Michael and the angels are always here to help you. St. Raphael will assist anyone where healing is being asked. Health of body is a gift and a blessing. Health of body is best achieved with Heavenly Assistance and is God-given. St. Raphael is always willing to help heal emotions, physical body ailments, mental body etc.
If there is something you have been asking to have help with, know that your prayers have been answered by God. Have faith and as always, you can always ask the angels in any circumstance. Health, Beauty, Love, Peace, Peaceful Outcomes, Highest Intention Possible, Positive Thinking- etc.
It is best to lift up concerns to God. Make your requests known in all sincerity. This will bring you peace. For the peace of God will be with you, knowing your prayers have been answered without hesitation. Have faith, and if needed, ask the angels for any guidance in action you may need to take to ensure peaceful outcome. Trust the messages you receive that bring blessings to everyone. Even if the angels inform you to leave a heaviness, an unhealthy situation, know that this too, will be guided promptly. Even in danger, the angels deliver messages swiftly , and in love. Love is always present- God is love and His love is constant. Make amends with yourself and your loved ones promptly. Make amends with God if needed. Know that God is always loving and merciful. Always. God is your Heavenly Father and He Loves you. Knowing that God is merciful , have faith when making amends to him. Knowing that all prayers are answered without hesitation and you are loved , this day and in any other. God loves those who seek Him and rewards those who do. As it is written. For God, nothing is impossible. Ask in faith to God, for the Highest Possible Outcome. Ask in faith and understand your prayers are already answered by the Most High. Jesus is with you always, and so is The Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit, and the angels who love you. And so it is beloved, we bless you. Amen , amen ,amen.

The Angel Team with St. Michael, St. Raphael and the Archangels

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