Trust the Guidance in Your Heart

St. Gabriel 2

Listen to the heart when it tells you to take action. This is an action step guided by God himself. When the heart presses upon you over and over again,   the same message , and the answer brings you peace, this is a sign from God that God is guiding you to take action now. Without hesitancy, this action step should be followed. Time is of the essence in some cases. This does not mean to hurry or be frantic. On the contrary, but to act swiftly as you are guided within your heart. There is no reason for concern beloved, but know how much God loves you , and that your peace is being helped by God himself. And that no one on Earth , nor in Heaven , can take that away from you or your loved ones. You are loved and are being helped by God. 

Open your heart to God, make amends with others, listen for guidance you receive, give thanks to God Himself for all He has done. Love one another. For He loves you with Great Measure.

St. Gabriel with the Angel Team

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