Love is Always Present

Guardian angel 3


God’s  love is abundant. Available for all at all times. Open your heart to His Love often. Open your heart to the Goodness of God; asking for His Love to overflow within your own heart. Ask for this daily. Ask in prayer by saying:

“Dear Heavenly Father, God of all that is, please send your Holy Love into my heart. Please overflow through to every cell, overflowing through every system, restoring every cell , organ and tissue to its natural state you created or better. Lifting me in love and in joy. I rejoice in you, for your glory. Amen.”

For those asking for health of body , you could alter the prayer, asking God to restore every cell to perfect abundant health .

For spiritual renewal , you could alter the prayer and ask for God’s Love to renew in you a new spirit in every cell and within your heart.

For additional Love , that of God, we recommend asking God every day. God will send His love without hesitation every time you ask.

We bless you dear child of God, and we lift you . Restoring you to your natural state of joy, love and peace. For you blessed and we love you. 

Love is always present and available to you. And so it is beloved, amen , amen, amen. 

The Angel Team

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