Healing Relationships- with the Angel Team

Guardian angel 3

Some relationships need to be nurtured. Love one another. Relationships are blessings from God. All of them. Some are new at this time for a reason. All are blessed. Relationships need nurturing for growing. If one of your relationships needs healing, pray first and ask for healing within your heart. Ask for the highest to help. You will feel guided to communicate with love before anger. Ask to see the relationship healed. For God loves healing in any circumstance. Be a good listener, listen with compassion rather than judgement. Judgement is a fear based emotion and is from the ego. Compassion  increases healing in any circumstance. Love heals. Truth heals. Listen with love and speak peacefully and you will see your relationships healed. God , the Most High is always is willing to help and understands how you feel. If guided, seek professional counsel for your relationship. If this is a co-worker, bless them- forgive them. Trust in the Most High to guide your actions, your words and listen to the guidance of your heart in all relationships. Lift up all prayers, concerns and talk to God often who knows you, wants to help and who loves you and your loved one more than you know. Love God and love one another as you love yourself. Ask for help if needed and bless the other in all circumstances.

The Angel Team~

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