Easter is a Time of Rejoicing !

Archangel Chamuel


Peaceful Greetings!

This is Archangel Chamuel and I am here to offer an Easter message of peace and good tidings for all.

Peace is always the outcome, and this should be your focus! Focus on the peace that surrounds you daily, focus on the peaceful outcomes of your choices as they occur.Focus on the tens of thousands Archangels and Angels that watch over the Earth. Focus on this peace. Peace is in the air around each of you now.

Breathe in a place where you will feel you would like to connect with us, do this daily if you wish , and ask for the highest , best , most loving, peaceful message that would help you today. This Easter, ask for angels and Archangels to be with you and your family. Ask for the Love of Christ to help you and your family rejoice in this Easter Blessing. Ask for each of us to help you in all ways. Ask for the Highest Blessings, the most favorable outcomes; Ask for the Love that is God-Given to pour into your hearts! Ask and it is given. Rejoice with us this Easter in Heaven, and on Earth ! Rejoice in the Goodness of God and His blessings, Rejoice in the Love that is Christ, the Love that is God- Given and then , rejoice again! For what is given to thee is eternal. You are eternally blessed, now and forever and may this be today’s message of love and good tidings. May The Love that is shared with you , be shared with all others! In this lifetime and any other! Look within yourself, and know this is the Love of God inside me! Look within your heart and know the Peace of the Lord is with you! Look within the hearts of others and know that this peace of God resides in everyone , now and always ! The Love , that is eternal will continue to blossom its Truth within all hearts , this day and in any other! May You rest in this peace.

And so it is !  Amen, Amen, Amen

Archangel Chamuel with the Angel Team of God’s Goodness

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