Today’s Angel Message- Ask God for His Love



Lift up your prayers always to God. Give Him all concerns for He is the Most High, Heavenly Father and sees all in secret, knowing the reason you are asking. He knows every emotion, every heartfelt, sincere, loving heart of every person. He, who cleanses sin, remembers your goodness, acts of kindness, acts of love, and all that is Holy. He, who remembers your love, how you loved and how you are going to love. He who is Good, and His Goodness unmeasured. Remember Him every day, giving thanks to Him and always, trusting in your prayers being answered without hesitancy.

“Loving God, I give thanks for everything I have”, should be spoken daily to Him. Loving Him before all things, and placing Him first in all matters. Love is always the answer and God is helping you in every way.  

Remember the Lord daily. Love is what you were created with and Love is what will help you. Focus only on God, and ask for His help in all matters, lifting your heart to His Love which is constant- loving you unconditionally in all ways.

Ask God for His Love to overflow in every cell, every meridian, every chakra, overflow in your heart, to be shared with all others. Do this daily as a daily practice before or after or during prayer to God. Ask God for His love, ask God to send His love bountifully, and overflow throughout your entire person. Lift up and open your heart to receive, and have faith knowing that God loves you unconditionally. Always.

The Angel Team

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