A Loving Exercise of Love with the Angeles


Greetings! This is the Angeles and we are here to help you bring in the Light and Love you are asking for. The Earth is loving you right now, asking for your assistance in bringing in the Light and Love of Heaven and the Heavenly Realms , to help shift into greater peace. The angels will assist you in bringing in greater love and harmony in this day and every day that you ask. Sit now in c comfortable and relaxed position, close your beautiful eyes, and simply think to yourself,

” I now invite  Angels and Archangels to assist me. I ask for the Light of Love and Peace to flow through me, cleansing away any thought or emotion that is in err, rinsing me clean of any aberrations, emotions or thoughts, that are in err, and illuminating every cell within my light field and my physical body with gentleness, lifting my body and light body with the help of St. Michael and the Angels, illuminating every thought, emotion and cleansing away any disharmony, debris, or energy not serving my highest and best good. Cleansing now, rinsing clean.”

Now imagine this light cleansing everywhere. Ask the angels to come into your home, cleansing every room of your home, cleansing away and lifting any energy not serving your family, asking St. Michael to cleanse the periphery of your home, illuminating every room with the Light of His Sword; asking him to please continue cleansing your family members who give permission on a soul level, clearing the atmosphere, the city, your community, your country and even the world. Cleansing now, lifting now into greater harmony and peace.

Love is what is needed this day. Light is love and love is Light; may greater harmony and peace increase with the Light of St. Michael’s sword , and the Pure Loving Light of God, rinsing through , increasing peace and love and light within all areas of the world. May the love within you celebrate God’s Holy Goodness and this cleansing exercise done with love and compassion for all people. When this is complete, simply thank St. Michael, and the angels who assisted, and God who loves you. And so it is, amen, amen, amen. 

The Angeles

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