A Channeled Message from St. Gabriel the Archangel: 

St. Gabriel 2

Greetings this is Archangel St. Gabriel.  I am  a messenger of God and I’m here to deliver a loving message of peace from the angel realm for you today. The most loving, peaceful message I  could offer unto thee- for there are many- but what would most help would be this: Join me in celebrating with Heaven for the Glory of God,  abundance.

Abundance has come easy to this generation and will continue to do so. Abundance brings many blessings abundantly. It is through this abundance that you are receiving all that is God-Given and you are blessed and are in harmony with this abundance including: prosperity,  love,  time, peace, Heavenly assistance, gratitude, and a multitude of blessing unto thee. There is no limit, for abundance is unmeasured. Ye who are blessed- I come to thee now lifting any err in thinking, any belief in lack and this is being replaced with what is God-Given naturally: True Love,  True Divine Healing,  True Divine Peace. I’m with you here always,  and celebrate with you this abundance that is God-Given naturally unto you and to this generation and will continue to increase-  for there is nothing being withheld from your table. For you are one with all that is God-given for you are blessed enormously, tremendously, abundantly, immeasurably and this is God-Given. These blessings are here for you to receive just by opening your heart and believing,  “I am one with God-Given blessings and abundance which is God-Given. ” “I am willing to receive.”  “I am willing to help bless others with this abundance.” “I am willing to use this abundance to serve which is what it’s intended for. ”  I will wrap my wings as will St. Raphael and St. Michael around you,  to embrace you and lift you to the abundance that is God given. This is not being done in error- on the contrary! There is more abundance to come and more for everyone!  We are lifting you now, helping you lift any belief system that believed in lack,  the belief that you were being withheld.  This does include insight, time, peace, radiating love,  radiating peace-  all are God’s blessings. For there is many blessings for all of you in this day and age to share with others-  to serve God for his Glory- and you need only ask. For you are created abundant! May you share this abundant blessing with all that you meet.  We are lifting you now, cleansing you off, severing any cords of fear if needed from St. Michael and the Band of Mercy. Lifting any heaviness, sadness, errs in thinking- lifting all negativity. Just be willing to receive and what is being replaced is very high vibrational. For you are one with this blessing, with abundance, and prosperity,  with love,  with integrity with truth, with sincerity- and we ask you this, “Are you willing?” For indeed I say yes, believe that you are receiving these blessings ,believe this daily. For in every way God the Father loves to send his blessings to his children. We are helping you shift your thinking to positive blessings- abundant blessings from Heaven-  for you are worth lifting. You are a child of God and so is your family and we send to you many Angel blessings and so it is, we love you.  We love and we lift you ever so sweetly and gently to this light that is always available to you. You need but only focus your mind and your heart on receiving blessings and give thanks to the Heavenly Father who sends them. I, St. Gabriel will help you every time you ask simply think my name. Call upon me, “St. Gabriel,  please help me now.”  and I will be with you 24/7. Call upon my name, St.Gabriel anytime you wish- and this is needed for many – to know I am here always.

St. Gabriel with St.Michael and St. Raphael and the Angel Team 

A Channeled Message with St. Michael the Archangel


Greetings dear beloved this is St. Michael the Archangel,  and I’m here with Archangel Chamuel and St. Gabriel and I am blessed and honored to be with you in angel protection and in your daily lives. I come to you with a message of peace, for this is being asked daily; regularly from Yvette.

Dearly beloved all, Ask for me, Archangel St. Michael, in with you daily; clearing you and shielding you from negativity.  I am uplifting your energy body. Ask for me often; daily, hourly, even 24/7!  I’m here for protection and here for your children.  I’m here for your family and I’m here for you beloved and every moment that you ask me- 24/7, daily, or even by the minute, or by the instance. However you wish, ask for me more often, ask for me regularly! I’m with you now and always and in this increasing of your energy body. This is being done with St. Gabriel and St. Rafael and the Archangels and Angels who love you the most. Lifting and expanding of your auric field is being done, cleansing you free from many stress related emotions negativity and this is worth clearing for your light to shine in this fifth dimensional frequency.  

You, dear beloved, have the Holy Spirit within your heart and of course you shine through the Holy Spirit. It is when errs in thinking,  emotions that are upsetting-and that are being focused on,  tend to increase stress-related emotions. This can be easily cleared with my assistance or with the assistance of St. Raphael or St. Gabriel or any Archangel you choose. I St.Michael, will clear these lower energies with my sword, like a flashlight, and shine this light into your heart, into your homes, your family, eradicating any fear-based thinking or lower emotions causing stressful emotions. Clearing these in this awakening energy,  for you have the Holy Spirit within your heart already revealing the Truth within. For you are one with your higher self, you are one with the Lord, and your higher self is brilliant and this light shines brightly within your heart. We are bringing this to your attention beloved,  revealing your true beauty within your heart and that of the Holy Spirit, which should be revealed, and is always brilliant.

I, St.Michael will shine the brilliant light of the sword that I carry, which will eradicate fear-based thinking from your heart. All you need to do is be willing.

Think to yourself, “Yes, I am willing for St. Michael to shine his flashlight, the light of his sword, into my heart revealing only truth!”

The Holy Spirit is brilliant,  yes indeed,  and you were given a portion of the Spirit,  each of you individually. The brilliant Love of the Holy Spirit radiates out into every cell naturally. For this is God-given.

Sometimes the human mind can focus on positive thinking or it can focus on stress related emotions. This will increase what it focuses on. There is a law of the universe;  the Law of Attraction and we say to you this beloved:  Focus not only on positive thinking, but on The Light Within. The Light will increase and Understanding for that is its true nature. Remain focused on the Light.

St. Michael’s sword like a flashlight will exercise or remove any unwanted or lower emotions that are not serving you any longer. You have carried this long enough and you need not carry them any longer for they are being eradicated gently. Removed, cleansed, and cleared and this is being done unto thee as a cleansing exercise this can be done daily. All you need to do is ask,

“St. Michael will you please help me remove and eradicate any fear-based thinking?”  

I will be with you beloved the instant that you ask. I will be with you. I’m here for protection. If you need help focusing on positive thinking then simply ask the Angels of Beauty to help beautify thoughts. Ask me to help you remain focused on your highest self and on God’s plan for you and for your family, on taking action steps if needed, on aligning with your souls plan.  Nothing you ask is too trivial or too small or too big or too great.  I’ll assist you and your family members;  each individual that asks of me anytime,  24/7. For I do increase peace among men. I’m happy to do so and cherish your friendship and your love and your peace.  You Are Holy instrument of God’s Peace you need only focus on this truth for the light that is inside you will increase. I, St.Michael the Archangel will help you to focus as needed I will be with you and protection and always.

St. Raphael and the archangels that are with me are also here for you 24/7 and are happy that you asked for them. This is being done in perfect timing,  Divine timing we say,  for you couldn’t have had a better time than now.

We the archangels, St. Michael, St. Raphael, St. Gabriel are all helping your energy to expand we are lifting your auric field ever so gently cleansing you are clearing you of the past,  including unforgiveness, loneliness, anger, frustration, or any stress-related emotions including worry that you may have felt.

Clearing you completely, gently, we lift you now and what is being removed will be replaced with the high vibrational light of Saint Michael’s sword,  and the Pure Loving Light of God.

We are always happy to help 24/7.  I, Michael, St. Raphael,  St. Gabriel and many archangels and Angels who love you the most, are always willing to help shift, protect, guide, guard, love, heal, pray with you, pray for you help you in all matters, for we are unlimited in the ways we can help. Heavenly help is needed at this time on Earth and we are happy you asked and so it is beloved we gently bless you.

We allow your auric field to expand in this light and when you’re ready we will enhance your field with the light of St. Michael’s sword. This High vibration will be felt and it will help to dissolve, dissipate, and ward off lower energy. This is immediately done! We give thanks to you beloved for allowing us to gently expand and remove what is no longer needed and for it to be replaced with the Pure Loving Light of God. Lift with us now and always and every time you read this, we will repeat this loving exercise or you can simply ask st. Michael St. Raphael and St. Gabriel to help your energy field expand and we will fill it full of light every time.  We will then shield you, dissolving away any negativity you may have encountered or absorbed unknowingly. We bless you this day, and so it is beloved beloved, Amen Amen Amen

St. Michael, Archangel Chamuel, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael and the Angel Team

The Most Holy Trinity 


Awhile back, the angels asked me to dedicate Sundays to the Gospel Readings. With Love and Gratitude, here is the Gospel of John 16:12-15, with an angel inspired and guided message behind it. 

Jesus said to his disciples:
“I have much more to tell you, but you cannot bear it now.
But when he comes, the Spirit of truth,
he will guide you to all truth.
He will not speak on his own,
but he will speak what he hears,
and will declare to you the things that are coming.
He will glorify me,
because he will take from what is mine and declare it to you.
Everything that the Father has is mine;
for this reason I told you that he will take from what is mine
and declare it to you.”


Today we celebrate the Holy Trinity; Father Son and Holy Spirit. We celebrate the Oneness that they share and also the Oneness that we share with them. The Oneness, through the Spirit of God, that Christ revealed as the Promise of God.  

Jesus was speaking to the disciples during the Last Supper. He was speaking about His death and resurrection; and Speaking of the Holy Spirit, whom He would send to them, who would bear witness to all that Jesus had revealed.

The Holy Spirit, bearing witness to Christ, has glorified Jesus by revealing everything that Jesus had told them. Revealing that we are all sons and daughters of God the Father, sisters and brothers of Christ and heirs to the Kingdom. Bearing witness of God’s Goodness to all. Bearing witness to the Most High, that Jesus sits on the throne with God and is able to send the Holy Spirit of God to all, like God. Bearing witness for us all the Jesus has spoken. And for all that accept his testimony of the Father, that all good things are in store for those who believe. Christ bears witness to the Father, and the Holy Spirit bears witness to Christ , that both are One in the Spirit of God. and that we are also One with them, for he would never leave us. Not ever.

God’s work is eternal and within His love and Goodness are in store for those who Love Him and His Son, Jesus Christ.  ~ The Angel Team (in Italics) 

A Channeled Angel Message With Archangel Sandalphon

Archangel Sandalphon

Greetings,   this is Archangel Sandalphon and this is a surprise to Yvette. Peace be with you-This is Archangel Sandalphon and I’m here with Yvette and yourself to increase the frequency of your vibration. Each Archangel and angel who loves each of you will assist in increasing your is frequency this is being done with St. Raphael, St. Michael the Archangel St. Gabriel,  Archangel Chamuel and all of the guardian angels who love you the most. There are a multitude of angels we say and we bless you! We are lifting you now in frequency,  infusing this channel, for the words you read are being infused with Archangel Sandalphon’s  frequency or energy. This enhances your energy body and also helps your own frequency shift into the higher realms of spirit.  We  know that you are multi-dimensional beings of light;  God’s children we say! And we lift you to bring you higher to your natural state that is God-given that is one with the Heavenly Father. We bless you and this is our message: We shift your frequency on this day gently expanding your auric field helping you shift to the Higher Realms;  to the Angel Realm, infusing your light which is already One with the Heavenly Father. Even higher than you were before. This should feel peaceful and uplifting for you; for your energy body is increasing in size and in peace we are filling your auric field full of angel light and infusing our own frequency within your field helping you to feel uplifted,blessed, and at peace again.  Even if at peace, as humans,  it is hard to imagine Heavenly Peace. We are saying this Heavenly Peace is with you always and is one with Jesus Christ.  I am with you always was spoken by the Most High and His Peace is infused in your heart already. We say this beloved: We open your heart now to the Christ Peace within,  surrounding (you),  and is joining you now. We are joining your auric field to higher vibration- for you are never separate from Christ Peace, nor are we. And we say to you beloved: Jesus is helping you in all of your endeavors;  you need not worry,  or be afraid,  or be fearful. Let not your heart be troubled in any matter- for in all matters,  lift all concerns in prayer to Jesus the Christ, to God Almighty and allow the Most High hands in Heaven assist you always. For this is God’s will unto thee: that your peace be One with His. And so we bless you,  we are lifting you slowly effortlessly, gently with gentleness and we are helping Yvette Focus on Archangel Sandalphon who is presenting this message of love from the Highest.  We are blessing you now with love from the Angel Realm with pink light and gold and white Light, and we are lifting you all the while!

Imagine now this Angel Light filling your aura. What would that feel like beloved?  We are saying peace-filled,  uplifting,  Joy-filled and this should be your focus as we fill your auric field full of light from the Angel Realm of the Pure Loving Light of God,  of the light frequency of Archangel Sandalphon and the Peace of Christ. Open your heart to receive this blessing. And yes,  this is like a spiritual renewal and is uplifting. His Peace is always with you and so are we.  We bless you in this moment- St. Raphael & St. Michael are working in tandem with Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Sandalphon filling your home and your room cleansing you off. Rinsing you clean, helping you lift from any unforgiveness,  helping you with the Most High Jesus Christ who loves you and is always with you and so it is we bless you, amen, amen, amen.


Archangel Sandalphon and the Angels and Archangels of Love 

Abundance is God-Given

Archangel_Ariel 2archangel_ariel

Shift your thinking to the blessings around you now. Lift up all thoughts that were in err, focusing on what was missing and continue focusing on Truth; that God himself is Abundant in all ways and He is the Source of all and everyone. Lifting up your concerns to God helps to increase blessings. His Peace, which is eternal, will help you shift your concern to faith, trusting in God with your concern. 

Fear of what you do not have comes from the ego mind, and is an illusion. But when you focus on illusion, illusion is what increases. Rather, remain focused on what is around you now, and all of the blessings you do have. Even if you have to continue to focus on what you see as blessings twice. Blessings are abundant. Nature itself, is God-created and nature is abundant naturally. Every tree has abundant leaves and produces abundant oxygen for all. Every leaf has tiny veins that are life giving to the tree and leaf, and help deliver nutrients to the tree for growth, These veins are tiny but supply abundantly for the tree and all of its inhabitants. 

Look at what is around you, the leaves on a tree, the blades of grass in a park, the tree on a mountain, and all of its inhabitants. Nature is quite abundant. In the same way, God has made you abundant, including the cells within your body and the abundance of Love within you. For it is what you were created with. 

Abundance comes in all forms, peace, time, money, love- all of which are always available to you. Even gentleness and patience are abundant. Even creativity can come in abundance, as can ideas , thoughts and insight- which will help in manifesting forms of abundance on Earth. 

Focus on your blessings, lifting your thoughts to gratitude for all you have. Being grateful does help for what you already have naturally. Spiritual Gifts and abilities are also abundant. Shifting your awareness to gratitude will help shift your own awareness to abundance and gratitude, helping you to shift your awareness to a higher way of thinking, which naturally attracts more of the same. Peace is abundant in nature. Peaceful outcomes will automatically incur when you notice the peace already around you. Your shift in thinking will help you attract more of the same. 

The angels of Abundance are always here and available to help you shift your awareness to positivity. Abundance is natural and is God-given. Accepting that you have abundance flowing to you will also help. You are created with Abundance, surrounding you daily, nurturing your heart. Abundance of gratitude, positivity, peace, gentleness, kindness, time, insight will all help increase abundance. Gratitude is very important in increasing abundance. Gratitude helps to welcome the flow of abundance you already have and welcomes more to come. This is a blessing, this day, and so forth. Think of the sky and its beauty, the universe and its abundance of stars and planets , which are God-given, galaxies, and then think of a baby’s laughter. Think of children playing for their laughter is abundant and so is their gaiety. Think of everything around you. Are you surrounded with flowers? Are they not abundant? Think of your blessings and give thanks for all of them. For there are many we say! Thank God for these blessings, sincerely and know that God is abundant in nature, giving Him thanks and asking for His Love to help you focus on all that is Holy and Good. The angels of abundance are also happy to help you see the Good around you, increasing its flow naturally , helping you manifest more of what is good in your life. 

Be willing to forgive anyone who has ever borrowed from you, sued you over money, or even those you have ever lent to who have not paid you back. Forgive yourself for anytime you have been upset at your bank account or complained about a  paycheck. Be willing to forgive all. Peace will ensue. Your income you can imagine as steady and flowing and healthy in all ways. Your health can increase as positive also. Your health is abundantly blessed and is one with God at all times. Focus on the Oneness of God and the health that ensues. There is no suffering in the Light of God. Imagine yourself now being one with His love and Light. This helps to nourish your heart and cells and your physical , as well as your mental and emotional body. Being Close with God is important. God’s  Love is very healing. God is Willing to help you heal if this is what you are asking also. For abundance of Health is also necessary for your life purpose and is not asking too much. Lift up any prayers you may have if this applies about health. God is always willing to help you increase health through His Son and through His Will.

The Angels of Abundance will always help you in any area. Think of the area of abundance you would like to see increase and begin to notice the way it increases around you and within your own life.  Think of understanding and insight. Think of peace, time, money, health, ideas, creativity and so forth. The angels of abundance will help guide you in many ways to help you live naturally abundant in all ways. and so it is, we bless you in multitudes, for we love you and so it is , amen, amen, amen. 

The Angel Team with the Angels of Abundance

Angel Channel and Angel Intuitive Classes are now being offered ! 

Angel Classes are now forming and are assisted with  your Angel Team who loves you and are always available to assist you anytime you ask! All you have to do is be willing and your angels and Archangels know how to assist you to channel their messages easily and lovingly! 

Have questions regarding classes? Please do email Yvette at: angelchannelintuitive@gmail.com

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