A Loving Channeled Message with St. Michael the Archangel- 


Greetings, This is St. Michael the Archangel, I am here with a multitude of Heavenly Host and am happy you have asked me to join you this day. Lift up your concerns to God always. Lifting up your concerns to God will always be heard.  God is listening to His people and loves you entirely. It is God who loves you the most. Who wants you to be happy, know you are loved and protected. He will guide your thoughts, and your life with His Heavenly Love. God the Father is always with you in every moment. “Do not be afraid” are the words Jesus spoke and “peace be with you always” . This was said to all generations, and will stand throughout time and space. “Peace be with you” is the Will of God. Increasing peace is the Will of God and Jesus both. Both the Father and the Son love you and always will. Speak to them always, open you heart to them, pour out your love from them, pray to them and know your prayers are always answered without hesitancy. Lift up your prayers now to God, asking Him to help you in all ways, which He will. His peace will always bring the brightest future , the biggest blessing and your faith will be seen as an act of righteousness. God will hear your concerns. 

“Blessed be God in the Highest , blessed be His Holy ways, Blessed be His Holy Son Jesus Christ, Blessed be His Holy Spirit, Blessed be God forever” 

Peace is always available to you at all times and know that the Father and the Son are always with you. 

Call upon me anytime you feel uneasy, you will feel the energy shift. If you are seeking self -confidence, or courage, or would like to increase peace and joy within your heart, just ask. For me, this task is simple and I am happy to help you anytime you ask. Call on me often and know that I serve God and Jesus on High. 

St. Michael and the Angeles

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