Let Your Heart be Open to Spiritual Blessings and the Love of God

St. Gabriel 2

A channeled message with the Angels:

Greetings, this is one of the Guardian angels who lifts you- St. Gabriel is helping you to be open to the many blessings coming. Keep your heart open to abundance and joy and love and peace and those spiritual blessings will increase. You are blessed in every moment and those spiritual gifts are yours eternally. Love is what increases when you sow it. Love is always available to you at all times. The Divine Love of God  will always help you every  time you ask. It is His Love and Strength that help you in all ways. Especially when you feel His Love, know that He is near to you. Always. These words are helpful to hear, but know that Jesus spoke these Words to you to help you understand that you are never alone. You always have the everlasting Love of the Father with you. Love is always available to you. You are never burdening Heaven when you ask for protection, for support, for Heaven’s help. All will be given to those who ask in Jesus’ name . You will always have God’s Might and Love and He will guide you when you ask Him . He loves for you to call on Him always. Love is always what the Heavenly Father responds with- Divine Love that cannot be measured. God’s Love is eternal and God’s voice is very loving. God’s Love will always guide you to greener pastures. Pray first about everything, knowing that God the Father Loves you and wants you to be happy. God wants the very best for you and for your family too. God will always hear your prayer and St. Gabriel will help you to listen to the Voice (the Holy Spirit) that is guiding your heart, as will St. Michael and the angels , who love you. Your heart is like a beacon shining brightly. St. Gabriel will help you recognize the bright Light of God within you, help you focus on what is important , help to guide you to be motivated and St. Michael will always help when asked, in all ways and when choosing your right path of the heart.

God will always hear you. First, Lift up your prayer, in love and sincerity, lift up your concerns, thanking God for His Goodness, and know that the Heavenly Father will help you in all ways. Thank God often and know that you and your loved ones are always protected, loved and guided.

The Angels with St. Michael and St. Gabriel 

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