Healing with St. Raphael the Archangel


Ask St. Raphael to surround you with his healing emerald Green light anytime you wish to ask for it by saying, 

“St. Raphael, please surround me with your soothing and healing green emerald light.” 

You will notice a shift in frequency, an uplifting shift in peace. For his light is very soothing indeed. St. Raphael will help many at a  time, so you needn’t worry about burdening him. St. Raphael is happy to help all who call on him, anytime you call on him. St. Raphael is a healing Archangel, one who is very gifted at healing. He can heal from the physical, mental or emotional level and St. Raphael says all you need to do is ask. 

Asking in St. Raphael is heard the moment you intend it. All you need to do is think of this Archangel’s name and he can hear you. This can include healing angry feelings of resentment, or if something has become physical, like an emotion which has triggered a physical occurrence, or soothing that has manifested itself into the physical. There are no judgments. St. Raphael can be with everyone  who asks, and knows why you are asking. If there is sadness, or if you know someone who is in need of healing, send them love, ask in prayer for their healing and also ask St. Raphael if he will ask them on a soul level for a Divine healing. This can even include old emotional scars of the past and lift this up to this Archangel for healing. The moment you ask is the moment healing has begun. St. Raphael will work  with you day and night as long as needed- 24/7 even if you like. Healing is what St. Raphael does best, but is not limited to healing. St. Raphael can also help you and your family overcome trials, he heals animals and pets, and even from other lifetimes.

St. Raphael says that every healing is like a revealing of God’s Truth within you and knows why you are asking. Love is what heals in all cases. Loving words, thoughts towards yourself and others will help. Other times St. Raphael will guide you to take action, such as seeing a physician or any other action step that St. Raphael sees would help. Trusting in your Heavenly Guidance will help any situation from a Heavenly level and with the assistance of the Archangels and angels who love you and want to give you a helping hand. St. Raphael is always happy you asked.

Ask now if you wish, and notice the uplifting feeling of peace just by inviting this Archangel to sped time with you. This feeling of peace will be in your heart chakra and St. Raphael will help you lift now in his healing light. Just by intending, St. Raphael will be lifting you now as you read this and will stay with you as long as you wish or is needed. Thank this Archangel when complete, and know that all things can be healed. “For with God, All things are possible.” Healing is God’s Will. Lift all up in prayer, and release any worry to God about healing. God is happy to help in all healing. For you are blessed indeed and this is a question worth asking! Healing is what Heaven would like to assist with, so you need not worry about not being worthy or feeling guilty for asking. All healing comes from God. 

And so it is, beloved, amen, amen amen. 

A Channeled Message with St. Raphael and the Healing Angels and the Angel Team 

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