God’s Goodness 

angel holding light center

A channeled message from the Angel Realm…

Dear beloved all, 

Blessed be God Forever! Say the angels always. We are here in great number , as asked to be with you this day and every day to enlighten you in the Glorious Goodness of God Almighty. God’s Goodness is immeasurable and far surpassing human understand. God gives to all, even those who do do not understand his Goodness. We the angels are happy to deliver this message to you now and always. For we will always speak on behalf of the Lord if asked. God is not withholding his Goodness form anyone. God loves to share His love with His people and loves to know you are asking about His Goodness. Pause for a moment now, relax where you are sitting and reading this and just for a moment , feel the Love of God around you, within you and feel the embrace of the Love of God within your heart now. God is always loving and kind and merciful to all people. and wants you to feel His love now and always. It is from His love that all men were created; all women and all children. Rejoice in this love!  Celebrate the Joy of His Love!  Celebrate on Earth and in all ways, give thanks to God for His love that He shares with all people. His love is for everyone to share and fills Heaven and Earth this day and always. Feel this Love now, for this Love is God-given and we bless you beloved. We lift you in this joyous celebration of Love and Kindness . We lift you in Joy and we celebrate your asking in love. We celebrate your openness to the angels, and we lift you higher than you were before. And so it is- we joyously lift you beloved, now and always. Feel this love now as it cascades into your heart, we the Angeles will help to open your heart even more to the Love that is always available to you. The Love and Goodness of God surpasses all human wisdom. Feel your heart embraced and knowing that God answers all prayers, give thanks to Him for all prayers answered this day and always. Give thanks to God for His Love and Goodness. Give thanks to God in all nations. and so it is beloved, amen, amen, amen! 

A multitude of angels called the Angeles 

About Yvette Celes

I am a Professional Angel Intuitive , a spiritual writer, and I assist the angels in spiritual healing. I love to share insight from the angels for higher understanding , share spiritual Truth, and to help people recognize their own Heavenly guidance. I am guided to write, share and teach Angel Intuitive classes for others. It is an honor to do so and I feel grateful and blessed to not only do this work, but for all that God has graced me with. For the Glory of God.
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