Abundance is God-Given

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Shift your thinking to the blessings around you now. Lift up all thoughts that were in err, focusing on what was missing and continue focusing on Truth; that God himself is Abundant in all ways and He is the Source of all and everyone. Lifting up your concerns to God helps to increase blessings. His Peace, which is eternal, will help you shift your concern to faith, trusting in God with your concern. 

Fear of what you do not have comes from the ego mind, and is an illusion. But when you focus on illusion, illusion is what increases. Rather, remain focused on what is around you now, and all of the blessings you do have. Even if you have to continue to focus on what you see as blessings twice. Blessings are abundant. Nature itself, is God-created and nature is abundant naturally. Every tree has abundant leaves and produces abundant oxygen for all. Every leaf has tiny veins that are life giving to the tree and leaf, and help deliver nutrients to the tree for growth, These veins are tiny but supply abundantly for the tree and all of its inhabitants. 

Look at what is around you, the leaves on a tree, the blades of grass in a park, the tree on a mountain, and all of its inhabitants. Nature is quite abundant. In the same way, God has made you abundant, including the cells within your body and the abundance of Love within you. For it is what you were created with. 

Abundance comes in all forms, peace, time, money, love- all of which are always available to you. Even gentleness and patience are abundant. Even creativity can come in abundance, as can ideas , thoughts and insight- which will help in manifesting forms of abundance on Earth. 

Focus on your blessings, lifting your thoughts to gratitude for all you have. Being grateful does help for what you already have naturally. Spiritual Gifts and abilities are also abundant. Shifting your awareness to gratitude will help shift your own awareness to abundance and gratitude, helping you to shift your awareness to a higher way of thinking, which naturally attracts more of the same. Peace is abundant in nature. Peaceful outcomes will automatically incur when you notice the peace already around you. Your shift in thinking will help you attract more of the same. 

The angels of Abundance are always here and available to help you shift your awareness to positivity. Abundance is natural and is God-given. Accepting that you have abundance flowing to you will also help. You are created with Abundance, surrounding you daily, nurturing your heart. Abundance of gratitude, positivity, peace, gentleness, kindness, time, insight will all help increase abundance. Gratitude is very important in increasing abundance. Gratitude helps to welcome the flow of abundance you already have and welcomes more to come. This is a blessing, this day, and so forth. Think of the sky and its beauty, the universe and its abundance of stars and planets , which are God-given, galaxies, and then think of a baby’s laughter. Think of children playing for their laughter is abundant and so is their gaiety. Think of everything around you. Are you surrounded with flowers? Are they not abundant? Think of your blessings and give thanks for all of them. For there are many we say! Thank God for these blessings, sincerely and know that God is abundant in nature, giving Him thanks and asking for His Love to help you focus on all that is Holy and Good. The angels of abundance are also happy to help you see the Good around you, increasing its flow naturally , helping you manifest more of what is good in your life. 

Be willing to forgive anyone who has ever borrowed from you, sued you over money, or even those you have ever lent to who have not paid you back. Forgive yourself for anytime you have been upset at your bank account or complained about a  paycheck. Be willing to forgive all. Peace will ensue. Your income you can imagine as steady and flowing and healthy in all ways. Your health can increase as positive also. Your health is abundantly blessed and is one with God at all times. Focus on the Oneness of God and the health that ensues. There is no suffering in the Light of God. Imagine yourself now being one with His love and Light. This helps to nourish your heart and cells and your physical , as well as your mental and emotional body. Being Close with God is important. God’s  Love is very healing. God is Willing to help you heal if this is what you are asking also. For abundance of Health is also necessary for your life purpose and is not asking too much. Lift up any prayers you may have if this applies about health. God is always willing to help you increase health through His Son and through His Will.

The Angels of Abundance will always help you in any area. Think of the area of abundance you would like to see increase and begin to notice the way it increases around you and within your own life.  Think of understanding and insight. Think of peace, time, money, health, ideas, creativity and so forth. The angels of abundance will help guide you in many ways to help you live naturally abundant in all ways. and so it is, we bless you in multitudes, for we love you and so it is , amen, amen, amen. 

The Angel Team with the Angels of Abundance

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