Be at Peace 

Archangel Chamuel

A Channeled Message of Peace with Archangel Chamuel

Greetings, be at peace with each other beloved. Your Heavenly Father loves you and your family members. Be peaceful as your Heavenly Father is Peace Filled and Loves you entirely. Loving each other is natural for humans. You are naturally made loving and respond to love best when others approach you. Your loved ones deserve to feel your love and you deserve  to feel theirs also. Love attracts love. Peaceful outcomes ensue when you focus on giving your heart to others as a gift. Your heart has Wisdom, Love , and Peace filled within it. Your heart is an open door to Wisdom and Peace  and others will benefit from using this love for them. Do this often and knowingly. All angels love to help you in this area. We love to help you feel peaceful and we welcome you to ask us into your life and into your situations and heart, inviting us to help you uplift your relationships, your career, the way you feel daily. Open your heart now beloved, to me Archangel Chamuel and invite me and the angels and Archangels who love you to open your heart to the Love of God- to the Peace of God Almighty. We will open your heart further- for it is already open and open it to the Love of God. Ask for God’s Love to flow through you often. Ask for God’s Love to help you in all matters -Lift up your concerns to God and know that God Loves you beloved. Be at peace within your heart and open your heart to the Greatest Love Possible. The Love of God is strong, and overflows in your heart now and always. When you ask God to open your heart to His Love and Strength, God will help your heart to be open to Him. We the angels of God encourage this beloved. We ask you to lift your heart now, to God and spend time in His Love – asking God to help you in all matters, and thank Him when you are finished. Thank Him for His Goodness and shift your awareness to His love often. His Love will help you at all times and you are never separate from His Love beloved. We send you this message with love and peace. Be at peace beloved.  May all feel the peace of God this day and always. May you feel His Love and Peace now and always. And so it is beloved, amen, amen,amen. 

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