A Message About Families From St. Gabriel and the Angels and Archangels 

St. Gabriel 2

This is a channeled message from St. Gabriel the Archangel on families…….

Greetings beloved all! Your family is very loving and for some it is easy to love each other. For others, it is harder for some people to let go of past mistakes from family members. Family members are all gifts from God Almighty beloved. Be a light to those in your family who need you. Some are trying their very very best and we the angels, will help all of you through any time that may seem difficult to overcome. Love one another, especially family beloved. They need your love and you are worth theirs too. Love God , who sends you this beloved family, first; then love the ones God sends to you. All have the Love of God with them, all have God with them beloved and so do you. God is with all of you and will help you now and always and this is being said for many. We love you, and want the best for you and your family members. If you are distant , say hello. If you feel unloved, say, I love you to the one whom you feel that way from. We the angels and Archangels will help each of you always. We lift you now, and help those who are willing with any unforgiveness of past mistakes, any healing, anything you ask of us dear ones. We will help you now and love you always. St. Michael, St. Raphael and St. Gabriel, and countless guardian angels, healing angels will all help you now. This is a multitude of angels with St. Gabriel and St. Michael and St. Raphael. and we are here to help you in any matter beloved. and so it is amen, amen , amen. 

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