Healing Unforgiveness – An Angel Exercise of Love Channeled with the Healing Angels


“Love is kind and patient, never jealous, boastful, proud, or  rude.
Love isn’t selfish or quick tempered. It doesn’t keep a record of wrongs that others do.
Love rejoices in the truth, but not in evil. Love is always supportive, loyal, hopeful,
and trusting.” 1 COR 13:4-7

Through insight yesterday, I heard the words “Healing Forgiveness” and I knew this was going to be the subject for today’s angel message. I have asked The Healing Angels with St. Raphael for a message of love and peace regarding healing unforgiveness. 

“Greetings beloved all. Let us, the healing angels with St. Raphael, assist you with healing any old wounds of the past,  healing unforgiveness or misperceptions of family members or loved ones or friends or even co-workers; perhaps those that simply spoke an ill word or two and you have been holding on to those words. Now is the time beloved to be willing to forgive those that hurt your emotional body, or heart, or failed to do something you asked them. Healing unforgiveness is important for all at any time, truly we say, and now is a good time for healing misperceptions, even abusive behavior. We are not saying to allow abuse within your lives- that would be on the contrary! We are simply wanting to assist those that are willing to heal any unforgiveness or emotional wound or emotional scar- which is a little like scar tissue in the heart. Healing something in the past is helpful for your well being beloved. Healing past hurts will help you and your love in the future. Rather than speaking from bitterness or anger, we the angels encourage you to just be willing and allow St. Raphael and us, the healing angels who work closely with St. Raphael- who is the overseer of the healing angels, to assist you as a team of angels now and always. As many times as you need us to beloved. 

First , think of the person who comes to mind who has possibly said something or has done something that may be considered off hand- or has hurt you. Be willing to forgive them. You can include a prayer for this person also. Such as, “Dear Heavenly Father, please help me to forgive this person- they did not understand the great love you show us all. ” You can even include this prayer for yourself if needed. If for yourself, be willing to lift any guilt to God, asking Him for forgiveness first if needed. God is merciful and loving and wants HIs children to know that He loves them. 

Then ask St. Raphael, you can include Jesus also or simply ask Jesus into your heart- to please help you to forgive and heal any unforgiveness towards yourself or any other person needed. Do this with as many people as needed. Once you are complete, St. Raphael will surround you with his healing, soothing brilliantly lit green emerald light. This light is soothing and will also help heal old wounds of the past.

Allow Heaven to intervene into situations where forgiveness is needed. I assure you, there will be a change of Heart on one side or the other;  which simply speaking the words, ” I’m sorry, let’s talk about this” can also increase healing- if the person is close to you beloved. You will see this energy shift between you- the energy of tension or unforgiveness – even remorse will slowly dissolve with Heaven’s help. You are a loving soul beloved and we are with you daily as you do this exercise, Imagine if you will, St. Raphael surrounding the other person in healing light. Even if this person is in Heaven, and no longer with you on the physical plane, allow this exercise to continue. Imagine the two of you surrounded with angels and Archangels, surrounded with God’s love which is brilliant beloved.  Ask God for His help and ask God in prayer to help the two of you, or group, to heal from harsh emotions or unforgiveness or anything beloved that has hurt you.  Imagine Light everywhere and surround yourself with brilliant light too. Do this exercise daily if needed until you feel the tension dissolve. May only love remain. Ask St. Raphael to please assist you day and night in healing. We will surround you now beloved and any that are in your heart now. We will surround your family and loved ones. We will surround you and another from the past. We will surround you and a loved one in Heaven- or in another country, or city or state, or nation or within your own family, or home. We will surround your workplace beloved, or anywhere you need. We will surround you day and night and so will St. Raphael – and Jesus , who never left you and is always with you. Be willing beloved , that’s all it takes. Just to be willing to forgive. This will increase peace within your heart beloved and you deserve to be completely at peace. Now and always- and so it is  beloved. Amen, amen, amen. “

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